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December 29, 2011 // 9:43 pm - Despite some members being arrested a few months back, Internet hacking group Anonymous have now sent Sony a message in the form of a video (below) regarding the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill.

This comes just a week after reports of a SOPA-style court order for India's ISPs to block some of the world's largest file-sharing sites including BitTorrent, Megaupload and more.

Shortly following, GoDaddy announced their support for SOPA resulting in thousands of domain owners prompting to leave the registrar, including giant networks such as Wikipedia and Cheezeburger which consists of over 1000 domains alone.

To deal with the large volume of domain transfers, GoDaddy began blocking (and in some cases delaying) them, which is against the ICANN rules.

Finally, GoDaddy realized that SOPA is far too broad and not beneficial to tech-savvy sites due to the possibility of rampant abuse by corporations, and have redacted their stance on supporting SOPA even going as far as calling customers to let them know of the change to prevent further losses.

According to, PSN and consumers will not be harmed by Anonymous #OpSony as they will be targeting executives only.

Below is what Anonymous states to Sony regarding their support for SOPA, to quote:

Hello, SONY.
We are Anonymous.

It has come to the attention of the Anonymous activist community that you have chosen to stand by the Stop Online Piracy Act. This act will halt online businesses and restrict access to many sites for many users. Supporting SOPA is like trying to throw an entire company from off a bridge.

Your support to the act is a signed death warrant to SONY Company and Associates. Therefore, yet again, we have decided to destroy your network. We will dismantle your phantom from the Internet. Prepare to be extinguished. Justice will be swift, and it will be for the people, whether some like it or not. Sony, you have been warned.

To those doubting our powers. We've infiltrated the servers of Bank of America, The United States Department of Defense, The United Nations, and Lockheed Martin. In one day.

For their approval to SOPA, we have also declared that our fury be brought upon the following persons. Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga. Kim Kardashian. and Taylor Swift.

Operation Blackout, engaged.
Operation Mayhem, engaged.
Operation LulzXmas, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Supporters of SOPA, you should've expected us.

Update: Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Sony Electronics have all pulled their support for the SOPA bill that could encourage censorship online... a step in the right direction indeed!

Video: Anonymous Send Message to Sony Regarding SOPA Bill

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#42 - CJPC - January 18, 2012 // 6:32 pm
CJPC's Avatar
What I really hate - TV media reporting on SOPA/PIPA. They either do a very poor job explaining exactly how it works, or neglect to mention that their parent company supports it - annoying!

#41 - elser1 - January 17, 2012 // 11:56 pm
elser1's Avatar
why doesn't anon give every african bank account 10000000 if they can (more worthwhile too help poorest people on earth than whine bout sony i rekon)... oh and do mine too please.. LOL

would love to know how to be a cyber criminal.. oooohh yeah..

#40 - HeyManHRU - January 17, 2012 // 11:19 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Seems like Wikipedia has "blacked out" now, you can't view any pages from the site. Check it out for your selves (

#39 - Zero1976 - January 5, 2012 // 3:33 am
Zero1976's Avatar
well it seems even the law enforcers in the states are getting what they deserve:

Hackers Plan Satellites To Block Internet Censorship

The prolific hacking group Anonymous has launched the second wave of its holiday campaign of break-ins, entering and leaking thousands of confidential user details, including credit card numbers.

"Continuing the weeklong celebration of wreaking utter havoc on global financial systems, militaries, and government, we are announcing our next target: the online piggy supply store," Anonymous wrote in a Dec. 27 Pastebin post., based in Gardena, Calif., sells such equipment as handcuffs, nightsticks, tasers, knives, clothing and tactical gear to law enforcement agencies and the military.

In the same Pastebin post, Anonymous leaked roughly 14,000 passwords and 8,000 credit card numbers of customers. The hacking collective said it has had the data in its possession for months, and although encrypted its customers credit card numbers, the hackers were able to break into the retailer's servers and steal encryption keys.

Anonymous said the hack stems from the abuse suffered by Occupy protesters at the hands of law enforcement, notably by students at the University of California, Davis, who were methodically pepper-sprayed by campus police Lt. John Pike in November. The hackers said they went after SpecialForces because of whom it serves.

"Their customer base is comprised primarily of military and law enforcement-affiliated individuals, who have for too long enjoyed purchasing tactical combat equipment from their slick and 'professional'-looking website," Anonymous wrote. "What’s that, officer? You get a kick out of pepper-spraying peaceful protesters in public parks? You like to recreationally taser kids? You have a fetish for putting people in plastic zip ties?"

The hack comes just days after Anonymous infiltrated the prominent security think tank Stratfor and leaked thousands of credit card numbers from the firm's major clients.

The campaign, called "LulzXmas," isn't over, Anonymous says. "We’ll continue to have ourselves a merry LulzXmas at the expense of capitalist pigs, corrupt public officials and all those third parties who cater to the continued oligarchic elite worldwide. We are your secretaries, your janitors, your baby sitters, your IT guys, your bus drivers, your maids, your hard-working, driven and determined fellow humans."

UPDATE: In an email to SecurityNewsDaily, Dave Thomas from said his company's web servers were breached in August, and that Anonymous waited months to publicize the hack in order to keep itself in the spotlight following the Stratfor incident.

Thomas said the compromised customer credit cards "were from a backup of a previous version of the website that is over a year old. Most of the credit card numbers are expired, and we don't have any evidence of any credit card misuse at this time."

He said contacted affected customers, apprised them of the situation and urged them to change their passwords and monitor their credit card activity for any suspicious transactions.

#38 - HeyManHRU - January 5, 2012 // 1:26 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Don't get any ideas boss, just kidding. It would be quite annoying if youtube went "black" for a day or so, but if it will help stop the "SOPA" bill let it be so.

#37 - PS4 News - January 5, 2012 // 12:40 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Just a quick follow-up... Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and eBay planning “Blackout” to protest SOPA via:

Some of the Internet’s big guns have banded together and are planning a possible “Blackout Day” to protest the SOPA/PIPA acts that are due for debate in Congress.

With strong support for the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) bills among both the democratic and republic representatives of Congress, the world now fears that the bill could actually come to pass. Just recently, the strongly opposed NDAA bill was signed off by US President Barack Obama, signaling even more protests.

While Obama initially expressed dislike for the NDAA bill, things went the other way and it is now official law. SOPA and PIPA could follow a similar course, and as a result, leading online social networks and e-commerce websites are mulling the idea of a “Blackout Day” to show their lack of support for the bills.

While many big corporations have already written official statements of no confidence for the proposed bills, it seems a more drastic form of action may be needed to show how serious the majority of the web feels about the acts coming into effect.

Markham Erickson, head of the NetCoalition trade association says that big names like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and eBay are heavily considering going “black” by posting protest messages to convince users to contact their relevant congressman.

Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, has also started a discussion ( to decide whether he should shut down the site to show support for the anti-SOPA movement.

A blackout of these major sites would result in a serious blow for the search engine, social networking, e-commerce and information arenas, among many other online services. While the stance could result in a lot of fallout between the companies and their user base, it might be just the thing to get congress to reconsider a total re-write of the proposed bills.

GoDaddy felt the backlash after users found out that the domain registrar was in support of the SOPA and PIPA acts. Just last week, almost 40,000 domains were transferred out to other non-SOPA supporting registrars. We at What’s Hawt are also due to transfer, but are still within a 60-day limit due to a recent registration change made to our domain.

SOPA will go up for debate again on the Senate floor on the 24th of January.

#36 - cfwprophet - December 31, 2011 // 2:55 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Holy crap that's more then bad that's like a world end. The end of the civilized world the humanity have fought for the last hundred years.

This all is really hard to understand for me cause my country have one of the best's condition on earth. My city vienna have a new commercial break and one of the things that the courting with is: "Free Data for a Free Community". But on other hand we dono hear one single word about the real bad situation in the america or about SOPA or Anonymous.

We get the info via TV and breaking news that sony get hacked and that they have stolen credit card infos but no single word about that it was Anonymous and why they have done. They leaved us think that it was only a robbery task of bad peoples they want to steal your money.

I try to post on facebook about the whole stuff but no one is reacting on it. No single like, No single comment. They dono understand cause the breaking news are not talking about. I dono what i shall do to help. I want to help, i want to fight. Fight for every one's right to not get pulled back into the middle age.

#35 - Kraken - December 31, 2011 // 1:44 pm
Kraken's Avatar
Under SOPA/PROTECT IP, web sites are responsible for all content users post. Sites are deemed infringing if they so much as link to content (which PS3NEWS does occasionally). What is considered infringing content also could be as innocous as a picture, or copy/pasted text.

Furthermore, there is no investigation done. Someone (namely a big company) files a complaint, and the site is removed and all of its revenues frozen. Then, it is up to the website owner to appeal, which could take months, years, or forever. By appealing, the site owner accepts litigation in US courts, so servers in the EU or other areas won't necessarily be a defense.

This would shut down wipipedia/facebook/youtube/twitter, and any other site that relies on user generated content (even just a comment field). It would force these sites to police all content submitted, and no site really has the staff to do that. The mainstream news is owned by the same companies that wrote/offered bribes for this legislation, so none of them will cover how bad this bill really is. I think we might have a chance at getting publicity from local news with a shocking headline like "local congressman x proposes bill that would shut down facebook".

To clarify, SOPA is HR 3261 and PROTECT IP is S.968. These are two separate bills with SOPA in the house of representatives, and PROTECT IP in the senate. The two bills are nearly identical, and stopping just SOPA won't be enough because PROTECT IP will only need a majority in the house if the senate approves it.

The senate is expected to vote on it January 24 because Harry Reid said it is his top priority to pass it once the senate reconvenes; proving that corruption isn't a party based issue. SOPA is well on its way to dying in committee, but I expect PROTECT IP to pass since companies that have dropped support for SOPA still quietly support PROTECT IP.

#34 - cfwprophet - December 31, 2011 // 1:17 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
What you mean with there is a very good chance sites like this will be shut down ? Why they don't host any of that files. He Big Boss what you say about ?

Or what about moving the site to EU or RU server ?

#33 - Kraken - December 31, 2011 // 12:03 pm
Kraken's Avatar
Sony (gaming division) and Nintendo have dropped support for SOPA:

Sony (music/pictures) still support these bills through the MPAA/RIAA though.

This does not in any way mean that we have won though. We have to keep the pressure on the companies that support it and the crooked politicians who care about their wallets more than the people they represent and the constitution they swore to uphold.

Please do the following and repost to every site you know of. Call/write/email as often as you can! If SOPA/PROTECT IP pass, there is a very good chance sites like this will be shut down.

1. Put your zip code into this site: to find your representative.
2. Call the number on the page.
3. Say this: I am calling to ask the senator (or representative) to vote against HR 3261 and S.968; the internet blacklist bills also known as SOPA and PROTECT-IP.

If you are interested in reading the bill, it is here: