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January 21, 2010 // 1:01 pm - The Community Manager at Candy Stand Robin Yang has announced that beginning today Vector TD Minis are available for both Sony's PS3 and PSP via the European PSN.

To quote: We've recently expanded into downloadable territory with a handful of iPhone apps. Our team members are gamers at heart, however, which is why we're excited to bring you our first PSP game, Vector TD.

It's a minis title featuring eight maps (two Beginner, three Normal, three Extreme) as well as all eleven tower and seven enemy types of the original Flash version.

50 waves of increasingly resistant enemies (we call them Vectoids) will spawn for each map – you can choose whether or not the next wave automatically shows up once you've defeated each one. There are seven types of Vectoids, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses.

At your disposal are eleven flavors of towers, each of which can be upgraded to level 10 (increasing the tower's damage and range). The Green Lasers, for example, lock onto one Vectoid and deal ongoing damage. The Red Spammer fires heat-seeking rockets at random targets in range. Blue Ray towers drain power and cause Vectoids to slow down. The in-game guide lists each tower in detail.

Every few waves you'll also be rewarded with a Yellow Energy Cell, which you can use to purchase one of three Boosts. Damage and Range Booster towers can be placed on a grid to increase the stats of other towers around it.

The third boost increases the interest gained on the money you have banked at the end of each level (you'll need interest boosts if you want to purchase a lot of high-leveled, high-powered towers).

Exclusive to the minis version is a brand-new control interface – you'll be able to select each 'grid' using the D-pad or analog stick and place/upgrade towers. Given that we've been playing this game primarily with a mouse for over two years, it was surprising how quickly we adapted to the PSP controls (in fact, some of us actually like the PSP controls better than the flash/iPhone ones).

Vector TD minis hits the EU PlayStation Store today available for both PSP and PS3 – US and Asia versions will follow in February!

Vector TD Minis Available Today for PS3 and PSP via PSN

Vector TD Minis Available Today for PS3 and PSP via PSN

Vector TD Minis Available Today for PS3 and PSP via PSN

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