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August 14, 2009 // 7:03 pm - Valve boss Gabe Newell recently had a little chit-chat with host Geoff Keighley on tonight's episode of GTTV, where he stated:

Keighley: Are you guys working on PlayStation 3 here now, trying to understand it, trying to get better at it?

Gabe: Uh, no. Not in any real way.

Newell then followed up by apologizing to PlayStation 3 fans, stating he's "sorry" to PS3 owners, who have a "legitimate beef with" Valve.

Newell is noted for his openly negative view of PS3, but when asked about it he said, to quote:

"If you look at the customers that I feel we've done the worst job at taking care of is the people who bought our product on the PS3 - Orange Box on PS3. Those are the people who I have trouble saying anything to other than 'Yeah, I'm sorry. You have legitimate beef with us."

Valve Not Bothering With PS3, Newell Apologizes to PS3 Owners

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#2 - lonix81 - August 15, 2009 // 8:07 am
lonix81's Avatar
I still see a big fat guy who like doing sexual favours for bill gates.

yeah the first half life was ok because it ran on quake2 tech.

and you could write mod's for it ala counterstrike.. but thats the way the cake cuts.

#1 - parkerparker - August 15, 2009 // 2:23 am
parkerparker's Avatar
valve pffft... their only good game (which they bought out) was counter strike.

they make NO good games today so who really cares... ps3 is missing out on nothing!!