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December 2, 2009 // 10:14 pm - Universal Studios is preparing to launch its line of Blu-ray / DVD hybrids known as 'Flipper discs' in 2010, which could benefit Sony's PlayStation 3.

For those curious, the hybrid discs hold a Blu-ray film on one side and a 9GB DVD version on the other.

To quote: "The technology allows a single disc to offer a 50GB Blu-Ray version of a film on one side, and a 9GB DVD version on the other. It's a plan by Universal (and most likely the rest of the Blu-ray Consortium) to increase the adoption of Blu-ray HD films by giving consumers the option to future-proof their content.

One of the key components in Sony's PlayStation 3 is its Blu-ray drive, offering gamers a chance to experience high definition movies. If the Flipper discs prove to be a popular format, it could help cement the PS3 as the home entertainment console of choice.

The first dual-format Flipper discs are due to go on sale on 19th January 2010 in the US, with the very first product being the Jason Bourne trilogy, a box set containing The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. No pricing has yet been announced."

Universal PS3 Blu-ray / DVD Hybrid Discs Launching in 2010

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#4 - imdbowlgod - December 7, 2009 // 5:47 pm
imdbowlgod's Avatar
i think its a good idea. it sucks having to take my ps3 to my buddys house to watch a bluray in sd. now ill just need the disk.

#3 - Atlas22 - December 7, 2009 // 10:14 am
Atlas22's Avatar
Am I the only one who thinks this is a waste of money, especially if it's going to cost more. If I wanted a dvd sd copy then I'd go buy one. I guess it's not as bad if it costs the same as the br copies anyway, but you can bet it won't.

#2 - crazyblaxican - December 3, 2009 // 7:17 pm
crazyblaxican's Avatar
I think it's a good idea that hopefully won't add to the price of Blu-Ray discs. I already appreciate how some companies include a DVD copy of the movie. This is nice when you wanna take a copy with you, but not worry about your main copy getting ruined.

#1 - machado1766 - December 3, 2009 // 5:58 am
machado1766's Avatar
Really sounds like great news, hopefully they wont charge an arm and a leg for each movie...