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September 21, 2009 // 9:01 pm - As a follow-up to the initial announcement on Sony's PS3 and PSP game lineup, today (linked above) outlines what fans can expect at Tokyo Games Show 2009.

For those unaware, the event is taking place from September 24th to the 27th, and the special keynote address is scheduled for the first day. To quote:

Gran Turismo 5
After being in development for years, it looks like Gran Turismo 5 may finally be coming out relatively soon. With a 2009 release date a possibility, you can expect Sony to give a huge blowout of game's features at the Tokyo Game Show, including the exciting head-tracking mode. Gran Turismo 5 is expected to be a top-seller for the PlayStation 3; so Sony should be giving the full spotlight to their exclusive first-party title.

Although it may be hard to imagine, the PSP is more popular in Japan than the PlayStation 3. With the launch of the PSP Go quickly closing in, Sony must make a strong last impression at the Tokyo Game Show. Although the software lineup will no doubt be strong (with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep leading the way), Sony must convince prospective buyers that the new PSP model is worth the high price tag.

PlayStation 3
After a sluggish start in 2009, the PlayStation 3 managed to build some positive momentum recently with a new model and price drop. Look for Sony to continue the drive at the Tokyo Game Show. The two biggest PlayStation 3 games at the show are Final Fantasy XIII and Yakuza 4. Other notable exclusive Japanese titles include 3D Dot Game Heroes, Quantum Theory, Trinity Zill O'll Zero and Wizardry The Labyrinth of Lost Souls.

New Games
The Tokyo Game Show also provides an opportunity to announce new titles as well. According to their press release, Sony has two unannounced titles that will be making an appearance for the PlayStation 3 in addition to three new games for the PSP.

Tokyo Games Show 2009 - What Fans Can Expect from Sony

Tokyo Games Show 2009 - What Fans Can Expect from Sony

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#3 - happyaizad - September 22, 2009 // 5:29 am
happyaizad's Avatar
I hope to see some good exclusives titles!

#2 - tvdbz431 - September 22, 2009 // 5:23 am
tvdbz431's Avatar
Should be interesting to see if there are any surprising announcements this year.

#1 - dadechico - September 22, 2009 // 4:43 am
dadechico's Avatar
sony kind of let me down with the pspgo, looking forward to gtr5.