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October 2, 2008 // 10:23 pm - The PS3 has mandatory game HDD installs. No surprises there right? Since the beginning of the console gamers have complained that the PS3 has forced them to abandon the former gamer ritual and buy, unpack and play, adding the additional and sometimes painful step of WAIT between savage unpack (ripping off shrinkwrap is always fun) and the satisfying play.

Some installs have hardly taken any time, while others (Devil May Cry 4) feel like an eternity of wait time which creates the sensation of smelling a fresh baked batch of cookie chip cookies (or insert your favorite kind of cookie) that still has time left in the oven.

The install can be fixed redeemed however. The beauty of it is that the solution has been staring us gamers in the face since day 1 as well. The solution? PSN. I know, I know, you're wondering how that makes any sense, so without further adieu, here it is.

Place the install data on PSN.

It's so simple that it's brilliant at the same time. If Sony were to place the install data on PSN a week before any game were released, anyone that planned to purchase the game could download the data and install the files prior to owning the game.

The benefit to gamers is obvious, removing the delay from unpack to play. The benefit to Sony and the Playstation? LESS COMPLAINING. Also obvious in providing a service that fans will enjoy and killing another reason that fanboys and whiners love to complain about.

While installs may be mandatory (watch out 360 gamers, I still think you're going to be getting mandatory game installs yourself), the wait doesn't have to be. So how about it Sony/ Can we get some PSN/game install love or what?

Any other solutions the install debacle? Agree or disagree? Leave it in the comments!

The Solution to PlayStation 3 HDD Install Times?

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#23 - steelwork - November 10, 2008 // 6:58 pm
steelwork's Avatar
Why dont they play say the intro movie or something and have the game installing in the background? Your game installs on the HDD without you waiting for it as such cos your watching the movie in the meantime, which gets your mind off of the lengthy install and onto more important things... your brand new game that you have been waiting months to play and cant stand to wait any longer while it installs!

#22 - speedxl - November 3, 2008 // 10:27 pm
speedxl's Avatar
I saw a post that mentioned that a faster hdd does not reduce install times that much, but can help to reduce load times.. so that wouldn't solve the problem, i guess it would be the method used to copy the files from bd discs to hdd.

#21 - SerialKill - October 30, 2008 // 10:05 am
SerialKill's Avatar
It seemes to, that the ps3 is damn slow when installing or copying files. I wonder if that is coused by the standart hdd which is installed. My question is: Will speed increase when im installing a bigger and faster sata Hdd?

Do anybody have a good advice for a new hdd. Is there a prefered model?

#20 - drmcnipple - October 7, 2008 // 7:18 pm
drmcnipple's Avatar
The install times actually don't bother me much, I know its coming, i can hold on for those few more minutes.. good time to have a flick through the manual

#19 - pacific808 - October 5, 2008 // 4:10 pm
pacific808's Avatar
Well the install data could easily be put in a demo and its not a bad idea cause most people don't do anything during their downloads. I for one tend to watch a movie or listen to music while I surf the web on my laptop. But for those people who don't like the installs you don't get how sony is compressing the files and during the install it is uncompressing everything. Microsoft might have their stuff uncompressed. But what does that mean if sony started leaving their stuff uncompressed? You would end up spending more time downloading the game which would the extra time would probably be more than the install time you hate so much.

And for those people who think that the install is just copying files off the BD I believe you are mistaken. I have 2 facts I would like to point out from my expirience.

1. Installs usually entail that there is a process of uncompression going on. This means turning smaller files into bigger ones so things load faster and don't hog the processor while being run. This happens a lot in gaming. (for example GRID for pc is a 6.5gb download yet when installed it takes up 10gb of data on your HDD)

2. The install process probably handles many small files. If you ever used a flash drive to copy data you should notice how copying one big file is a lot faster than copying multiple tiny files that total up to the same size.

#18 - deftonesmx17 - October 5, 2008 // 10:04 am
deftonesmx17's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Coolie4 View Post
yes it probably would take longer. but the point is you download the game data before you actually buy the game. so maybe if like you plan to buy mgs4 you start the download from psn, go out to gamestop and by the time u get back you can just pop in the disk and play.

It wouldnt work that easy for MGS4 as it reinstalls between every act.
watch out 360 gamers, I still think you’re going to be getting mandatory game installs yourself

Will not happen unless the HDD became mandatory, period.

Really this downloading preinstall data is a dumb idea. Most internet connections are slower than blu-ray transfer rates. Not only that but after downloading you would have to install anyways which takes more time. I'd rather wait 10 mins after putting the game in than 1 hour for it to download then 10 mins for it to install. Downloading on the PS3 sucks my rocks. It is really annoying that i cant turn it off like you can with the 360 and still have it download.

And of course any game you download from PSN needs installed. Why again cant it be like the 360 where as soon as its done downloading, i can play it? I'm so sick of the install screen and its not just for games that install data, everything has to freaking install.

#17 - kujiraldine - October 5, 2008 // 2:41 am
kujiraldine's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SurfDrifter View Post
Something I don't get. If you download the game, woudn't it need to install also. Therefore download+install time>install from BD-ROM?

What am I missing here?

It's like any PSN game: DL it, Install it... And if we consider low connection cases, as you say, we have download+install time > install from BD-ROM. Finally, I don't really think it' a good idea.

#16 - deemwun - October 3, 2008 // 11:03 pm
deemwun's Avatar
I can see both sides of this argument, and while I sympathise with those complaining about install times and space. I am a relatively new PS3 owner but I have done some rather extensive research on the product prior to my purchase - it does appear that the games require content to be saved to the local HDD in order to access them more 'readily' afaik it is also a method designed to push buyers toward the larger console package (80GB Model).

However I have recently purchased Soul Calibur IV and did notice the extra HDD space taken by the installation files - while it is not an issue for me as I have installed a 250GB HDD into my PS3 I can see how this could potentially have a serious effect on those stuck with a 40GB drive.

As for the online solution mentioned earlier you would be suprised at the state of residential internet in some supposed 1st world countries (.au for example) it is still very expensive to obtain a 'decent' connection here (in comparison to other countries) and even those with access to nice pipes probably dont want to waste their precious bandwidth - espescially at 2-3GB average.

#15 - PSPSwampy - October 3, 2008 // 5:14 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
I don't think anyone has suggested the following, which to me makes the most sense all round:-

Why don't sony update the firmware to allow BACKGROUND installs.
(Similar to background downloads)

Makes perfect sense to me - You just kick off the game install, then go play a demo or something by the time you've have a bit of a play your new game is installed.

Can't be that hard to do. Alternatively take the Criterion Games approach (Burnout Paradise) as has been suggested in this thread.


#14 - sekemc - October 3, 2008 // 11:26 am
sekemc's Avatar
This would actually be a great idea. It could be similar to how steam allows users to pre-load their games before they come out a few days in advanced. This could also help pave in the idea of digital distribution for games where you can pre-load your games a few days before and then activating the game on launch day allowing you to play without no need to go but the disc. Sort of like steam if you get what im saying.