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July 19, 2009 // 11:12 pm - "It's in third place." "Sony messed up." "Sony is doomed!" Unless you're new to the Internet (in that case, welcome!), you've probably heard all of the anti-Sony PlayStation 3 comments before.

Ever since its launch in 2006, the PS3 has been often called a failure by some Web sites and people (and of course, fanboys).

Even in 2009, with Sony's outstanding game lineup, people are still criticizing the console and its games. The point is, people still love to hate the PS3. But is any of it true?

To quote: After doing some research, I've come to the conclusion that no, it's not even close. In fact, despite currently being outsold by the Wii and Xbox 360, Sony's latest console has been doing a very good job.

First off, there's the sales. As of March 31st, 2009, the PS3 had sold 22.91 million units worldwide, while the Xbox 360 sold 30.2 million units. That's a lead of approximately 7 million.

But when the PS3 first launched, the 360 had sold 10 million units (since it had a one year headstart). That means that since the PS3 launch, the 360's lead has shrunk by 3 million units.

Now let's look at the last-gen consoles. In their lifetimes, the Gamecube sold 21.74 million units, and the original Xbox 24 million. With the PS3 at 23 million, that means that it has sold the same amount as the Gamecube and Xbox in about half the time.

Lastly, there's the issue of cost. Sony lose money on every PS3 sold. In 2006 when the PS3 launched, Sony were losing approximately $250 on every PS3 sold. But now with Blu-Ray development costs dropping (as well as Sony taking a few features out of the console), the development costs are (as of January last year) about $450.

80 GB PS3s currently cost about $400, which means that Sony is now only losing $50 per PS3. The development costs of Blu-Ray will continue to drop, which means eventually Sony will start making money off of the PS3. Until then, though, they still have sales from the PS2, PSP, and other electronics (such as TVs and standalone Blu-Ray players) to help recover their losses.

So, with the PS3 selling the way it is, and Sony not having any real money problems, I think that the PS3 is doing pretty well, and it's only going to improve over the next few years. To everybody out there who says that the PS3 is a failure and will be discontinued, stop kidding yourselves, please.

The PlayStation 3 May Be Doing Better Than People Think

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#16 - Bugauga - July 21, 2009 // 8:08 am
Bugauga's Avatar
You know.. if you would compare the Gamecube and the original Xbox with Sonys first consoles PSone and PS2 I'm positive that would put Sony ahead of Xbox by a lot.

Let's not forget that the PS2 has sold 136 million worldwide as of December 2008 and the PSOne sold 102 million units as of July 2008.

Xbox sold 24 million units and Xbox 2 sold 30.2 million and if you even add the Gamecube which sold 21.74 million units still puts Sony ahead with a LOT more units sold.

There's no way that the PS3 won't get in front of the Xbox 360 or Wii for that matter.

#15 - pataber - July 21, 2009 // 5:24 am
pataber's Avatar
"80 GB PS3s currently cost about $400, which means that Sony is now only losing $50 per PS3."

Sony is losing a lot more than $50 per console. Don't think for a second that retailers are paying $400 for them. My past experience in retail says that retailers pay Sony between $200 to $300 per console. Mark up is usually 50 to 100%.

#14 - tosketa - July 21, 2009 // 5:20 am
tosketa's Avatar
I'm from Brazil, and that means all my sources are from Brazil, like some sites... i've used the PS3 as Blu-ray player a couple of times and i have to say that the quality video is perfect!

I don't think that Sony's PS3 is going bad, but i have to say that i expected more of Sony's... i guess that Sony will learn from Mistakes that Sony did and create a revolutionary Console in the next generation of consoles... You know, in Brazil the Piracy is BIG!!

Many Xbox 360s in Brazil are pirates... and you can buy the game for 20 reais(something close to U$ 10)
i think the Piracy increases the sales of Xbox all over the world in the third world countrys and in Transition countrys like Brazil, argentina and China...

but i'd never regret buying the PS3, because i know its worth it! the exclusive games are bigger tha Xbox's... the Great Majority of Xbox games are, as well, PC games! We have Killzone 2, Infamous, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid! and some other great games!
Well i gues that you could see what's my point...

#13 - deathw - July 21, 2009 // 2:23 am
deathw's Avatar
couldn't live without my playstation and just like the other posters stated is that there are plenty of great titles released for the PS3. I don't own a 360 and probably never will, just could never get used to that huge controller they have.

#12 - Starlight - July 21, 2009 // 2:12 am
Starlight's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Interesting indeed... this ought to shut some of the fanboys up, eh? Probably not though.

Also, offtopic but it's nice to see that article images are now clickable here in the Forum to make them larger... good work CJPC!

You bet it will or make them madder.. hehe.. and nice job on the pic clicking enlarging CJPC.

#11 - otarumx - July 20, 2009 // 4:11 pm
otarumx's Avatar
I agree, with the recession most people couldn't afford a PS3 but even so, lot of people are buying the console at it's current price and thousands more expect a price cut to make the jump.

The 360 is a fine console but for me the Ps3 has the best exclusives, the haters say that it has no games but I currently own 23 games and most of them are AAA titles.

The 360 is showing it's years and the true gamers are now considering a second console, with the price cut or the rumored PS3 slim I am sure that it will match or even surpass 360 sales.

#10 - ynoz - July 20, 2009 // 2:18 pm
ynoz's Avatar
the only reason people wine about ps3 is because they cant afford to buy a ps3 nor sustain a ps3 console, i had to save to buy mine, but also two other friends where doing the same, now we all have our black lady wit MGS, and each one have at least 9 games, so i can chose what to play from a list of 27 games. fanboys stop whining and make smart decisions, start saving.

im using my ps3 for almost any digital entertaining: play games, watch movies (BD and DVD), im also streaming media, 1080p mkvs play smoothly. i began playing on a 29 inch crt (i know, i was saving for the ps3) but now i got a 50 inch fullhd plasma and an outstanding 7.1 home teather, so you can imagine how my games look and sound.

so dont blame the recession, i dont live in the states, japan or europe, im in the others (seen vgcharts), my country doesnt even have PSN (i have to cheat the system to play on line), so here a ps3 worth much more than you can even imagine, but i got it, so guys you can have it to.

oh, and i bought my ps3 just because its the most powerfull entertaining machine ever.

#9 - aries2k6 - July 20, 2009 // 11:38 am
aries2k6's Avatar
Considering the price and the economic recession, I always considered the ps3 to be doing pretty good. I use it for gaming and to watch BluRays and digital media. I've never regretted my decision to buy a ps3.

Of course, a price cut would improve ps3 sales.
X-box and fanboys came into the conversation because it's usally them that are always saying how bad the ps3 is doing or how it's just not worth it.

#8 - KainZ7 - July 20, 2009 // 10:11 am
KainZ7's Avatar
well well, speaking of fanboys...^

#7 - mihaiolimpiu - July 20, 2009 // 10:07 am
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
DVD quality - maybe you should expand this to DVD QUALITY DIGITAL MEDIA on your 32 TV.

True I never played a BD movie on my PS3 but 480p DVD or digital media is just not enough for me... Switch to at least 720p DIGITAL MEDIA... you'll have a blast.. believe me... MP4 or MKV(streaming) are so common this days that it's a shame not to use them...

P.S.: And I know XBOX can play HD digital content!