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September 20, 2007 // 5:46 pm - Here's an interesting departure from Q Entertainment's usual: an MMO, co-produced by Shockwave, featuring angels. Talk about getting closer to God! But if you're thinking "Gabriel" angels, you've got it all wrong; in Angel Love Online, angels are actually cute little winged anime girls who run around hitting flowers for experience points.

Stranger still, there are a couple different garden varieties of flowers that are out to get you, including a large drooping white blossom that maybe looks a little menacing... if you squint. Whack these evil flowers, and use some of your freshly granted angel skills to take them down even faster (or heal yourself, should you need to). If you have the correct tools, you can also fish or collect plants.

The animations are pretty simple, and even a little budgety, but they're also somewhat charming in their own way... especially if you like cute little anime girls. The interface is pretty typical of an MMO -- there's even a chat window in place, albeit not yet implemented. Surprisingly, the game is coming to both PC as well as PS3, and there are plans to eventually support a controller rather than the keyboard and mouse set-up we used during our hands-on preview.

It'll be interesting to see how the developers ultimately map all the controls to the Sixaxis, especially should developers decide to use the Sixaxis' tilt feature for something special. And, because our hands-on didn't go into quite as much depth as we would have liked, we expect there will be plenty to explore when the game launches in Japan this winter.

TGS '07 Preview: Angel Love Online for PS3

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