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September 19, 2007 // 12:27 pm - flOw remains one of the trippiest games released on the PlayStation 3 so far, with the PS Network game's organic-looking design and simple yet appealing gameplay adding up to an almost hypnotic experience. The game's upcoming expansion pack adds a brand-new creature, a new enemy, and some new foods--in other words, more of the same for fans of the game.

The new creature being introduced into the mix shares the same stripped-back look of previous controllable flOw creatures, and looks like a small circle surrounded by hooked barbs. Pressing down any button on the PS3 controller will cause the barbs to close, momentarily protecting the new creature from any enemies. Releasing the button sends the creature into a spin, which also serves as an attack for any nasties that may be around. The new enemy type being introduced into this expansion acts somewhat like a puffer fish--get too close, and this spherical enemy will puff up spikes all over its body.

Introducing a new character essentially adds a new "campaign" to the game--and considering the original game had six creatures in all, that's about 15 percent more flOw for fans out there. Another important addition that comes with the expansion pack is the ability to now play as two different creatures in multiplayer.

A release date for the flOw expansion pack is yet to be announced.

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