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October 6, 2008 // 7:07 pm - Square-Enix dropped a bomb at E3 this year when they announced Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360, but can we expect any blockbuster unveilings at the Tokyo Game Show this week?

Well, before the hype and anticipation starts, we'd like to say: nah.

Final Fantasy Union recently ran an article about what to expect, and as far as we can see, we'll have to look elsewhere for any super big announcements. While Square-Enix is bringing 25 titles to the show, only 6 of them have anything to do with the revered Final Fantasy franchise, and only 9 of the total 25 games on display will be playable.

One bit of good news is that this includes the upcoming Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP, so handheld fans should be anticipating some new gameplay footage.

But beyond that, we likely won't see much in the way of new details or information concerning either Final Fantasy XIII or the still-PS3-exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. We also don't expect any new titles to be revealed, and to be brutally frank, this isn't what we wanted from Square-Enix at TGS 2008. Sure, PSP owners might be satisfied with Dissidia and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, but PS3 owners are going to be disappointed. Again.

So far in this generation, we've noticed a growing trend: PS3 fans haven't been happy with the news that typically comes from the Square-Enix camp, and RPG fans are starting to turn more towards other Japanese developers/publishers like Atlus and Level 5. We had really hoped Square-Enix would have something special for us at TGS 2008, to help restore a little faith... sadly, it seems we're going home empty-handed. Again.

Square-Enix Set to Underwhelm PS3 Owners at TGS 2008

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#2 - myof - October 8, 2008 // 12:32 am
myof's Avatar
To be fair, I really wasn't expecting surprise announcements. I just want to see the FFXIII gameplay footage that they're supposed to show. Btw, I actually supported SE's move to make FFXIII mutli-platform.

#1 - PimpinPlayah - October 7, 2008 // 8:10 pm
PimpinPlayah's Avatar
Not surprised... They don't seem to care about their Playstation fans anymore. However, in their defense, if they are indeed showing 25 games I don't see how anybody can be pissed for not introducing another game for us.