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January 19, 2012 // 11:05 am - Square Enix Product Manager Charles McCarter has announced today that Scarygirl is scaring her way onto PlayStation Network.

To quote: Hello PSN players! I hope that the season has been kind to you. While we're still in the tail-end of the Winter of RPGs, I'm here to share something completely different with you!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest female hero to join the Square Enix family. She's an unlikely heroine, but she's proven herself in her most recent adventure. I'm talking, of course, about Scarygirl.

But who is Scarygirl? That's a question she herself has been striving to answer. She washed ashore on an island, and was taken in by a friendly octopus named Blister.

Scarygirl knew that she was different--after all, she has one arm that's a tentacle, one arm that's a bone, and a really cool eyepatch.

Her problems started when she began having nightmares about a mysterious man. When Blister was unable to help her, he sent Scarygirl to the wise- if cryptic--Bunniguru. And, after speaking to him, she set out on a journey to discover the mystery of the man behind her nightmares.

A lot of enemies stand in her way, so she's going to have to do some fighting. But her unique arm allows her to do some rather unique attacks. Scarygirl can bash, grab, throw, and even defend herself with her tentacle arm. And, as her adventures progress, she'll be able to learn more advanced moves and begin to explore some darker, more powerful, abilities.

Based on the award-winning graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius, Scarygirl takes place in a bizarre, yet beautiful world, full of amazing imagery and unforgettable characters. Scarygirl comes to the PlayStation Network next week on January 24.

Square Enix Announces Scarygirl is Scaring Her Way Onto PSN

Square Enix Announces Scarygirl is Scaring Her Way Onto PSN

Square Enix Announces Scarygirl is Scaring Her Way Onto PSN

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#5 - BBoy Chrif - January 20, 2012 // 6:05 am
BBoy Chrif's Avatar
Good game 10X

#4 - kira30 - January 20, 2012 // 5:55 am
kira30's Avatar
hope it gets cracked right away jaja!

#3 - 1Panic - January 20, 2012 // 1:31 am
1Panic's Avatar
Not only does it look childish for a Square Enix game it looks like a waste of time.

#2 - Bartholomy - January 19, 2012 // 7:00 pm
Bartholomy's Avatar
Sooo sweet , this game

#1 - Tidusnake666 - January 19, 2012 // 6:42 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Looks good to me, but almigthy God, let them finish FF Versus 13 already!