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May 26, 2009 // 6:16 pm - A recent magazine database listing at 7-Eleven revealed that a new Metal Gear is in the works for either the PSP or PlayStation 3.

The next Famitsu issue containing the much anticipated unveiling will be released on May 30th. However, information leaks on the weekly issue for the Japanese gaming magazine usually arrives much earlier, usually on Tuesday nights (or early Wednesday mornings depending on where are you located in the world).

Coincidentally, the latest countdown to the teaser Web site for Kojima Productions also ends tonight.

However, it is expected to only reveal a few more clues on their project. Thus, the possible revealing may come from the Famtisu leak later tonight.

Speculation: New Metal Gear Game to be Revealed Tonight?

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#2 - tilla - May 27, 2009 // 1:57 am
tilla's Avatar
Here's a screen cap of the big teaser image

#1 - otarumx - May 27, 2009 // 1:31 am
otarumx's Avatar
The last countdown is over and now the rain is stronger and a pic of Big Boss wearing a beret with the words "Soldiers without Frontiers" in French appears along with new letters P and R.

From those I can now say that it is indeed a new MGS game and using the new letters along with the old ones I can perfectly spell PS3 along with the R and the lowercase e.