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February 20, 2009 // 9:24 pm - Update: Talking in the official Sony forums, someone asked if I saw the past codes. I replied yes, and the letters XI from the past messages sparked something.

If you didn't already read, the rumors for PS3 Firmware 2.7 claimed the in-game XMB loading has been drastically improved. Maybe they're revamping the in-game XMB as a whole. The letters XI could stand for 'Cross-Interface'. Okay, that's it Sony, I'm pumped.

A couple of days ago, we found some strange codes and writing in PlayStation Home. We posted screenshots, and no one really knew what they were. The codes and writing are back, but now it looks as if they're actually meant to be there and hinting us about something.

Could this help us confirm the rumors of 2.7 and it's features being true? Or is someone at Sony seriously not coding PS Home correctly? Could they be subtitles from an upcoming title Sony is already hyping?

Speculation: Is Sony Confirming Rumored 2.7 Firmware Update?

Speculation: Is Sony Confirming Rumored 2.7 Firmware Update?

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#13 - red8316 - February 26, 2009 // 4:34 am
red8316's Avatar
I'd say its probably has something to do with the Warhawk space for Home being released soon, just my two cents.

#12 - ati93 - February 25, 2009 // 6:34 pm
ati93's Avatar
its like very good , tho i think it will be 3.00 with all that

#11 - Jelf - February 23, 2009 // 9:20 am
Jelf's Avatar
LUA has been around for a long while.

I wrote quite a few scripts myself with it and also converted alot of already written code to a later version, as some formatting and syntax had changed over the versions.

I found it a nice language to learn and is fairly straightforward with lots of "if this equals that then do this or else do this instead" if you know what i mean.

I find it very interesting that Home is written using it.

#10 - saviour07 - February 22, 2009 // 5:56 am
saviour07's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jelf View Post
Looks like the programming language LUA to me..

I hadn't heard of lua as a programming language untill now, i'm only familiar with c++, c#, java and networking languages like html, php etc.

Just wikipedia'd LUA (pronounced LOO-UH) and had a look at some sample source code for it and the code in the screenshots fits lua's syntax!

but why are they appearing in home??

it would seem that its intentionally being put there as opposed to being a bug...

#9 - Cablekevin - February 22, 2009 // 1:26 am
Cablekevin's Avatar
Look at my crazy pictures i took with my phone while i was on home.


"Jess are your there?

--------------------------------Xii is almost ready."


"Some code... just read it yourself, if u want, i'll upload bigger format picture "

THIS ISN'T FAKE, i spotted this at Playstation HOME under the updates and other news crap.

#8 - Dibblah - February 21, 2009 // 10:21 pm
Dibblah's Avatar
Thanks! You are right. Also, it would appear from a number of places that the scripting language in Home IS lua.

#7 - Jelf - February 21, 2009 // 8:41 pm
Jelf's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by saviour07 View Post
the first screens looks like pseudo code for an if-statement, and look at how its appending three different names for "Alpha" - "AlphaZone3", "Alpha Test Space" and "AlphaSpace[8]". With AlphaSpace[8] being an array of 8, could it be somethin to do with the glass doors between the bowling alley and the theatre, and opening up 8 new "spaces" for us to play around with?

Looks like the programming language LUA to me..

#6 - GotNoUsername - February 21, 2009 // 4:34 pm
GotNoUsername's Avatar
Sony doesn't comment on rumours well we'll have to wait. In my opinion the second screen shot seems a little strange...

#5 - Enimem - February 21, 2009 // 10:23 am
Enimem's Avatar
Cool 2.7 Firmware Update!


#4 - joe1984 - February 21, 2009 // 8:53 am
joe1984's Avatar
cool.. I'm waiting.