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July 19, 2008 // 2:35 pm - Sony is planning on bringing gamers together in a bigger way than ever before. The PlayStation E3 2008 press conference introduced large scale multiplayer gaming plans for the PS3 with MAG, short for "Massive Action Game." The game is touting 256 player battles. It's a big effort in itself, but not the only one planned for the PS3.

Sony Online Entertainment's PS3 games will also support MMO and persistent gaming (where things keep happening in the world while you're away). Games like The Agency and DC Universe Online will offer co-op and competitive play. The Agency will offer an almost ARG (alternate reality gaming) experience, with communications from characters spanning beyond the game itself (websites, cellphone communicaitons and text messages). Watch for more details on those here soon.

PlayStation Home will support up to 64 gamers per area at a time. Home will allow gamers to gather 'round a pond for a race with remote control boats. In the E3 showcased Home themed environments, there was an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune home. You can hang out in a back patio and meet other gamers to share tips.

What I'm getting at is that Sony is definitely planning a big push for MMO/persistent gaming on the PLAYSTATION 3 in ways console gamers haven't experienced before. That vibe was definitely one of the most exciting ones given off at E3 for the PLAYSTATION 3. Whether you're just starting off in MMO gaming or are a seasoned MMO player, you'll want to keep an eye out on the PLAYSTATION 3's offerings. Stay tuned for more soon!

Sony's Big Plans for MMO Gaming on the PlayStation 3

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#2 - DevR - July 22, 2008 // 5:45 am
DevR's Avatar
Diablo III for PS3 would be sick!

#1 - codo27 - July 22, 2008 // 3:48 am
codo27's Avatar
I dont know why this sort of thing hasn't been done before, on a platform that is so popular not to mention with no monthly cost to play online, I dont know why we haven't already seen something like this, or even more online RPGs, sony should have made a push to try and get the upcoming Diablo 3 to appear on PS3, imagine that, I'm planning on buying a new PC just for that, but I'd much rather just be able to play on my PS3.