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April 15, 2010 // 8:32 pm - Today (linked above) received word from Sony Computer Entertainment of the first 3D games that will be arriving for the PS3 entertainment system, and also news that the rumored June PlayStation 3 Firmware update won't include Blu-ray 3D support.

The PS3 titles already confirmed are Wipeout HD, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD... all slated to be released through PSN the same day the 3D TVs, the Bravia LED LCD HX803 range, launches.

To quote: "The PlayStation 3 will eventually get 3D Blu-ray compatibility but this is to come in the form of another firmware update later in the year.

While it's great that Sony will be offering 3D for free on the PS3, the delay of 3D Blu-ray on the console will be a blow to those PS3 owners looking to buy a 3D TV and save money on not purchasing a 3D Blu-ray player."

Sony Unveils First 3D Games for PS3, No 3D Blu-ray in June

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#5 - d3adliner - April 16, 2010 // 10:43 am
d3adliner's Avatar
I hope you all know that things aren't going to look like they are extending out from the screen, or like they are "coming at you" like what you can currently see in the theaters. That's not how the 3D technology on the new televisions works... it's more of a depth sort of thing. The Best Buy store here has a 3D HDTV on display along with the glasses you can try out, and it's NOT what everyone is thinking it's going to be like.

#4 - LiamL - April 16, 2010 // 6:24 am
LiamL's Avatar
3d gaming with the playstation move will be awsome I just can't wait!

#3 - laggmaster - April 16, 2010 // 5:38 am
laggmaster's Avatar
I can't wait to plaly super stardustHD in 3d ive loved that game since it was released. my old 60gb is currently down so i think im just gona buy a slim and keep my good old 60 for linux and stuff.

IDK about the 3d though if your going to have to have glasses for it, it would just feel really cheesy for me.

#2 - PaNNaP - April 16, 2010 // 4:22 am
PaNNaP's Avatar
I just purchased Wipeout HD today. I know they've been having they're spring sale, but i think theyre also trying to sell certain games in hopes more ppl will have the 3D ones once the firmware comes out! or im just over thinking again.

I really am excited about 3D gaming. But not so excited about buying a new TV... might be a while for me...

#1 - inginear - April 16, 2010 // 3:56 am
inginear's Avatar
i don't see how 3d blu-ray support coming later is a "blow to ps3 owners." we are still getting it for free. we just have to be patient for a little while. it's not like it's not coming to the ps3 and we have to buy a new 3d player.