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May 25, 2010 // 7:44 pm - Today JoyStiq (linked above) reports that Sony is planning to officially reveal the rumored Premium PSN+ service at E3 2010 for $9.99 a month, which VG247 hinted at last week.

According to SCEE President Andrew House, this information appears to be accurate based on his recent response, to quote:

"I can assure you that the current PSN as you know it will remain a free service. It is something that our competitors don't offer and something that shows our loyalty to the PlayStation Community.

However, Kaz Hirai stated a few months ago that we were looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service and that objective has not changed. You'll learn more about it very soon."

From JoyStiq, to quote: "Joystiq has been informed that PSN+ subscribers will also have the ability to enable an auto-patching feature, which will detect, download and install updates for recently played PS3 titles on the system.

As PSN+ subscribers, gamers will also receive protection for their consoles with the recently announced PlayStation Protection Plan, as well as exclusive access to the long-awaited cross-game voice chat. Additional features are said to be in the works following the launch of PSN+, including the previously rumored cloud-based saving system.

Pricing and a release for the PSN+ service is unknown, though one source speculates PSN+ may cost $9.99 per month. When contacted, a Sony representative said the company does not "comment on rumors or speculation."

Sony to Reveal Premium PSN+ Service at E3 for $9.99 a Month

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#2 - ProSkillz21 - May 26, 2010 // 3:24 am
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Wait slow down, what do they mean download patches? Patches already get downloaded and installed if a new one was released for a game as soon as you start the game.

Do they mean that the patches will line up in the download list? Cause if that's the case you are gonna have people stopping the downloads and going online to play the game unpatched.

Now at least you get signed out of PSN if you don't download the patch.

#1 - 51N15T3R - May 26, 2010 // 3:02 am
51N15T3R's Avatar
As long as they don't remove anything we already have then that's fine with me. I don't know if 9.99 a month is worth it though, guess we'll find out at E3.

X-game chat should not be a premium feature, but something tells me Sony will only allow PSN+ members to x-game chat with other PSN+ members. This E3 sounds pretty exciting for PS3 owners.