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222w ago - Update: Sony has now done as expected and reissued the PS3 Firmware 3.56 update. More details to come as they are available (PUP SHA1/MD5 hash comparison HERE) on whether it remedies the PlayStation 3 HDD upgrade issues or not.

Download: PS3 Firmware 3.56 (Fixed - US) / PS3 Firmware 3.56 (Fixed - EU)

Some may recall Sony quietly reissued PS3 Firmware 3.41 to rectify issues for PlayStation 3 HDD upgraders, and today (linked above) reports the same remedy may be necessary in the recently released PS3 Firmware 3.56.

To quote: "According to users on NeoGAF and HighDef Forum, the 3.56 firmware prevents the newer PlayStation 3 models (with 16 MB flash) from being upgradeable to a new hard disk drive. The following models have been affected:

Original PlayStation 3 Model:


Slim PlayStation 3 Model:

• CECH-20..A
• CECH-20..B
• CECH-21..A
• CECH-21..B
• CECH-250.A
• CECH-250.B
• CECH-250.A
• CECH-250.B
• CECH-251.A
• CECH-251.B

Apparently this was an old bug that has appeared before in a previous firmware update that was eventually fixed. Hopefully, Sony can fix it again in a timely matter."

Sony to Reissue PS3 Firmware 3.56 to Remedy HDD Upgrades?

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#22 - rizzle7 - 221w ago
rizzle7's Avatar
i recently bought a new ps3 same day [ps3 160 gb] as release of 3.56. 3.56 wasn't available for download from pc, they still had the ofw 3.55. i installed a 250gb hdd from a previous ps3, then installed the 3.55 ofw then to 3.56 ofw with no problems.

#21 - badasss - 221w ago
badasss's Avatar
It has happened to my console, too. I'm still using the 3.55 firmware and I have tried 100 times to exchange my HDD for a larger one with no good results.

#20 - Garakk - 222w ago
Garakk's Avatar
If you change the hdd it still asks (or asked before 3.56) for USB storage with fw file with CURRENT or NEWER fw version. Upgrading the FW means flashing a nand + some hdd files modification.

#19 - Xalies - 222w ago
Xalies's Avatar
Changing the HDD does not change the firmware though.

#18 - B4rtj4h - 222w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Good move ! Sony is SMART! The nice thing here was... i can have 1 HDD inside of my PS3. I clone it with a program in Linux and i have an EXACT 1:1 copy of that disc.

Now i can patch/hack/CFW/.... 1 disk while i still have a backup of the original... so i do not risk losing anything. If the CFW or whatever is messed up or a risk for my PS3 i just swap HDD .

Now i think of it that would be a nice way to play.

#17 - Brenza - 222w ago
Brenza's Avatar
I don't know what to say... The same problem twice times, sony i'm really disappointed.

#16 - ps3mania - 222w ago
ps3mania's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by View Post

this could well be a stealth move by sony for hackers not to jump on hacking 3.56 right away and give them time to strength the 3.56ofw. what would be te point on jb the firmware now with this issue think about it!

#15 - Garakk - 222w ago
Garakk's Avatar
shoot into a knee. Seems Sony is doing it without much thinking on it. I had to replace my hdd 2 weeks after I get it from the store. I wish HDD won't broke again... fail.

#14 - technodon - 222w ago
technodon's Avatar
i think that sony had to write firmware 3.56 from a very early version maybe even start from scratch to incorporate the new keys and security, they must have forgot that they patched this and the DNS bypass trick.

#13 - Vivificus - 222w ago
Vivificus's Avatar
Sony are hotfixing this; obviously they just wanted to patch the PSN as quickly as they could once they heard about CFW 3.55 running backups on it.

I just wish we had more news from someone who is working on a workaround for the new OFW, it was nice playing on the PSN with friends again.

But I guess I'll have to go back in my box until we get a way around it.