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June 20, 2008 // 7:46 pm - Those crazy Sony people. First they tell us that Blu-ray is the wave of the future, and now they say that digital downloads are. Make up your mind! :P

At a developer conference in London, SCEE president David Reeves said that the future is the PlayStation Network. He points out that internal figures that show over 40 per cent of PS3 owners download games direct to their machines.

Reeves told MCV UK: The key to the future is the PlayStation Network, Games put straight onto PSN are the big opportunity.

We do believe that the disc-based delivery system will fall as the power of the network base rises. At the same time, the overall industry growth will continue to go upwards as we push out into emerging markets.

What we don't see is an overall decline in the market. This is a golden era of video games.

So which is it, Sony? Hexus gaming points out that current games may never work as downloads. Think about Metal Gear Solid 4. Could you imagine trying to download that game?

I think there's room for both. Even though they are "proofing itself against the disaster the music industry has found itself in," games are still selling on discs.

I'd say keep the downloads for smaller games, and push the disc for big titles. Do you agree with Sony's belief in a downloadable future?

Sony says that the Disc-based Delivery System will fall

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#2 - jinfactor - June 22, 2008 // 8:14 am
jinfactor's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
I'd say keep the downloads for smaller games, and push the disc for big titles. Do you agree with Sony's belief in a downloadable future? More...

Even though most of the games I have on my ps3 are from PSN (all small games), there are definitely certain titles that I would want to have a physical copy of, the "big titles" as you put it. Even if they had the option of either buying or downloading certain games, I'd probably lean more towards buying it (assuming pricing, game version, availability, etc... was all the same).

Like you said, imagine trying to download a game like MGS4. I wouldn't want to know how long that would take. And then there's the load it would put on the servers trying to accommodate all the people trying to download the game. I don't know if PSN would have enough bandwidth for such a large number of simultaneous downloads. Granted that they could update the servers and what have you, but would they do that?

Bottom line is that I hope they keep the blockbuster games on discs. As much as I do enjoy getting games from PSN, I would not want to have downloading the "big titles" as my only option.

#1 - tredes - June 22, 2008 // 12:58 am
tredes's Avatar
i think it might turn into pritating like music downloads, and i dont think sony it stupid to let that happen, plus blu ray games would be very very large, and gamers with a small bandwitdh would stuggle to keep up...