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May 27, 2011 // 11:25 am - Today Sony's Hardware Product Marketing Manager Anand Agarwal has revealed that an official Wireless Stereo Headset is coming for the PS3 entertainment system.

According to their official site, surround sound on the PS3 requires system software version 3.70 or later and surround sound does not work with Blu-ray Disc movies.

To quote: Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of the enemy approaching your bunker. Only you've heard them way before they've even seen you and now your commandos are ready to unload.

What's your advantage? It's simple - the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset - the latest addition to the PlayStation 3 accessories family.

The official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset will be available for $99.99 (MSRP) at retailers nationwide this September. Many more of your favorite franchises, such as Killzone and Gran Turismo, were also designed for surround sound audio.

Featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound, the Wireless Stereo Headset lets you hear all the minor in-game audio clues clearly, whether you are in a firefight in a first-person shooter game or racing for the checkered flag.

Designed with comfort in mind for hours of gameplay, it's the perfect addition to your PlayStation experience. Connecting the Wireless Stereo Headset with PS3 is made easy with the included USB Wireless Adapter.

Precise volume controls and accessible microphone mute make it so you never have to interrupt gameplay to fumble for buttons. You can easily stay informed about battery status, sound controls, etc. with on-screen headset status updates.

On top of that, the Wireless Stereo Headset also offers the highest quality voice chat for crystal clear online conversations. The mic is retractable so you can put it away if you just want to listen to music or play a single player game.

We're very excited to be able to offer you yet another new way to get immersed in the game. Be sure to keep checking the Blog for more information soon.

Sony Reveals Official Wireless Stereo Headset is Coming for PS3

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#22 - GFWORX - September 1, 2011 // 4:11 pm
GFWORX's Avatar
Hello there,

I'm very new to the PS3 scene. Have been looking around for a wireless 5.1 + headphone setup and found this thread. The local gaming stores (South-Africa) can not give me any trustworthy advice on what to buy and choice is limited.

Can I buy and use most BT headphones and get gaming sound (single player) I'm on CFW3.55, or only OFW 3.70? ( hope i can mention that fact here, please delete if I'm out of line). I would like a multi platform unit rather than a dedicated PS3 set.

Many thanks

#21 - Jesse813 - June 22, 2011 // 9:36 am
Jesse813's Avatar
Is there anything out there that is not over $100 and is easy to plug in and listen and chat at the same time? I like these but they are pretty pricey, just like how i currently use the PS3 official Bluetooth any other Bluetooth will work as well, so is there anything out there the costs less and world like these ?

Sent from my Sexy Nexus 4G.

#20 - Eden3k - June 16, 2011 // 7:21 am
Eden3k's Avatar
Sorry i'm a new user ^_^

#19 - elser1 - June 16, 2011 // 5:29 am
elser1's Avatar
ps3 news boss posted about this a few weeks back...

#18 - Eden3k - June 16, 2011 // 5:13 am
Eden3k's Avatar
Hi! Sorry for my english. I'm italian.. and i read ps3news every day!

In us playstation site.. it tells that wireless stereo headset will be compatible only with 3.70.. and according other websites... ofw 3.70 will come in september 2011

#17 - GrandpaHomer - June 3, 2011 // 7:06 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Sadly - it HAS USB dongle - as already discussed here the built in chip would not be able to handle the bandwith for the multichannel audio

#16 - elser1 - June 3, 2011 // 6:49 am
elser1's Avatar
millions and millions use blu tooth every day mate.. got a headset now? got a mobile phone hands free? got ps keyboard?
who the heck uses mic jack on ps3 type device.. LOL

blu tooth baby.. that's how you do it.. i can't wait for these, just been telling my friend about them and its making me want them more and more.. i wish it had surround for blue ray and for play tv though... also i hope its not a usb dongle in there or i won't buy it. that will ruin it for me..has to be 100% blu tooth!!.why they put 2 usb ports on these consoles is unknown.. except to save the 1 or 2 dollars in manufacturing costs.. LOL

BTW currently i have the jabra heaset that came with war hawk and its ok but id like to upgrade..

#15 - kablooey - May 30, 2011 // 8:31 pm
kablooey's Avatar
You don't like sony products, don't buy them, plain and simple. This article was just about the new wireless stereo headset, nothing more. Stop complaining about everything, it's annoying.

#14 - DemonoidMaster - May 30, 2011 // 8:18 pm
DemonoidMaster's Avatar
Yes, there ARE complaints... and damn right i can complain all i want.

All i have to say about $0ny is.. Where the heck is the damn mic jack ?? why only Bluetooth, wtf who the freak uses bluetooth ?? not alot of people that's who...

Sony PS3 controller = needs a product revision asap.

#13 - kablooey - May 28, 2011 // 8:57 am
kablooey's Avatar
Like everytime Sony announce something new the only thing I read are... COMPLAINTS.