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April 15, 2009 // 11:27 pm - A TAWKN (linked above) user who goes by dn2500f has had his 80GB PS3 with backwards-compatibility at Sony's repair center in Ontario, Canada for three weeks now.

Sony apparently only offered to give him a new model 80GB PS3, which does not include PS2 support (over 1,900 PS2 games that he can no longer play).

To quote: Today he called in to get a status update and was told that it was beyond repair, and because Sony doesn't make that model anymore they can't replace it... despite the fact that he bought four years' worth of Sony Care extended warranty for it, for a total of five years.

They offered to give him a new model 80GB PS3.

He argued with them that he is not just losing a PS3, but PS2 support (that's over 1900 PS2 games that he can no longer play), extra USB ports, plus the built-in card readers. Sony's reply? Too freaking bad. (Not a direct quote, obviously).

This guy is very angry at Sony, and rightfully so. They didn't offer him anything but a far inferior model than what he bought about 12 months ago, which he says is unacceptable - and I agree.

At the VERY least, they should be trying to make up for this to him and other users who paid $100 extra for a console that has only one life left to live.

If I were in his situation, I'd be demanding either a few good free games, or a consolation package consisting of: a USB hub, USB memory card readers, PS2 slim, and PS2 component cable.

"If I wanted to go through this much BS, I would have bought an Xbox."

Ouch. Understand, I've talked with this guy over the years, and he was instrumental in my own purchase of a PS3. If Sony doesn't remedy this in some manner, I don't think he'll be helping sell their products anymore.

Of course, if they released a firmware tonight with complete software-based PS2 support for all PS3s, then the blow might not be so bad.

Sony Refuses to Replace Backwards-Compatible PS3 Consoles

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#19 - kakarotoks - April 18, 2009 // 12:19 am
kakarotoks's Avatar
My friend bought a new PS3 maybe 2 months ago from a Future shop in Canada, and guess what, it was the 80GB model with Motorstorm (the one with backward compat).. it had been months that they didn't sell it, but we somehow got a peek to the backstore and i saw them, they had quite a lot of the old model in there, and the store clerk checked and they were authorized to sell it, they just didn't put it in the store for everyone to see...

I'm sure there are stocks of backward compatible ps3s.. maybe he should try to find one and buy one (or buy it off ebay) and they invoice that to sony!

Apart from that, I don't think that sony can do anything to help, yes, it sucks but that's how it is... if you had a launch PS2 that was broken, you'd be getting a new slim PS2 and you wouldn't complain here...

#18 - 4DoorITR - April 17, 2009 // 1:33 pm
4DoorITR's Avatar
I just had to send in my MGS4 console and it was replaced with the same model. But I am in the U.S.

#17 - Somnambulist - April 16, 2009 // 6:33 pm
Somnambulist's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by lgmarques View Post
Any extended warranty comes with a contract. So, it is really easy to check if Sony is right or wrong. If it is written there that, if they couldn't fix it, they would replace with the SAME kind of unit, then he should complain.

If it is not written that , I am sorry but he should read what he buys before buying it.

PS3's warranty for North America.

If the product is determined to be materially defective during the Warranty Period, your sole remedy and SCEA's sole and exclusive liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of this product with a new or refurbished product at SCEA's option.

NOTE: Not "extended" warranty by honestly it's probably the same thing. It's just an extended period, not a special warranty.

#16 - lgmarques - April 16, 2009 // 4:40 pm
lgmarques's Avatar
Any extended warranty comes with a contract. So, it is really easy to check if Sony is right or wrong. If it is written there that, if they couldn't fix it, they would replace with the SAME kind of unit, then he should complain.

If it is not written that , I am sorry but he should read what he buys before buying it.

#15 - CyanCaze - April 16, 2009 // 3:20 pm
CyanCaze's Avatar
I would be pissed. I paid the extra $100 for the MGS4 bundle when it came out. I was pissed the PS2 backwards compatibility didn't work on 50% of my games, but I enjoyed the memory card readers and USB ports. It was well worth the 100 dollars I spent since my PS2 is still broken.

Honestly I would probably sell my PS3 and buy a Wii, I would be that pissed if this happened. However Sony is lucky that this happens only once in awhile. I called Sony trying to fix my friends console for him and just told him my controller wouldn't connect. He was helpful and told us to do something we never tried before but it still didn't work we think the PS3 Blue tooth is shot in his console, or it doesn't constantly scan. He has a 60GB model though so he don't want to lose it.

Anyway my point is Sony better not do to me what they did to this kid, or I will have my revenge.

#14 - Somnambulist - April 16, 2009 // 2:07 pm
Somnambulist's Avatar
This all seems perfectly acceptable to me. I don't understand what people expect Sony to do with his console...?

Sony has already said that if you send in a console and they can actually repair it that they would, but if they didn't have the parts they would have to replace it (ah-DURRRR).

#13 - Arnie Pie - April 16, 2009 // 12:44 pm
Arnie Pie's Avatar
If the fault is with a component specific to the original backwards compatible models (eg: the combined EE+GS or the GS-only revisions), and Sony don't have available parts, then what would people want them to do? Start a new fabrication line to manufacture them again? Redesign the board to include the current PS2-slim chipset? Create some hybrid from reclaimed parts of other similarly spec'd PS3s?

All of those seem pretty ridiculous to me. Put it this way, if you'd bought any other piece of consumer electronics with an extended warranty (whether it be a TV, a DVD player, or even something as mundane as a washing machine..) and - during an extended warranty period - it failed beyond repair, then I'm not sure anyone would expect the original manufacturer to go further than offering the current version of that hardware.

So yeah, what would the original reporter want them to do *specifically*.

#12 - PS4 News - April 16, 2009 // 12:44 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by RexVF5 View Post
He bought a product with certain functionality and even paid for extended support of it. I do not think they can do this and would fight for my rights.

That is the part that irked me... if he didn't, out of good faith, buy that extended Sony Support warranty on it then I would say them offering him a 'current' 80GB PS3 would have been sufficient... but with that, they should have offered to fix or truly replace the exact item/SKU/etc the warranty was on.

#11 - sorceror - April 16, 2009 // 12:35 pm
sorceror's Avatar
Sorry, Sony - not cool. If you can't provide a backward-compatible PS3, then at least toss in a PS2 slim and one of those Nyko USB-hub-plus-card-reader blocks. (I've got one, works quite nicely.)

#10 - Tsusai - April 16, 2009 // 10:31 am
Tsusai's Avatar
If my 60GB launch PS2 Hardware based PS3 were to die, I take it I'm royally boned....