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November 15, 2009 // 11:13 pm - Update: According to God of War 3 will not feature online co-op after all, per Eric Levine of Sony's Product Public Relations who simply stated: "This news is false."

This weekend a Sony employee questionnaire has leaked God of War 3 details of upcoming PS3 online co-op modes.

According to a quiz on the Sony Retail Loyalty Site module (which educates retail workers about upcoming Sony products), God of War III will indeed include online co-op modes when it is available in March, 2010.

As the quiz comes from an official Sony-funded Web site, it's safe to assume this is valid, although no official comment has been made from the company as of yet.

To quote: "You read it right! God of War III will feature online cooperative modes.

There have been rumors flying across the Web regarding cooperative modes for God of War III, but I am here to confirm it to all. March 2010 just cannot come soon enough!"

Sony Quiz Reveals God of War 3 to Have PS3 Online Co-op Modes

Sony Quiz Reveals God of War 3 to Have PS3 Online Co-op Modes

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#3 - everglow21 - November 17, 2009 // 1:24 am
everglow21's Avatar
First of all at the guy above.. its KRATOS not cratos

and hopefully we would get more information/news from the game dev's.. lets not make assumptions just yet.

#2 - alexcamrod - November 16, 2009 // 8:01 pm
alexcamrod's Avatar
it doesn't make much sence to me. The only way i could see this working is if it was done by using diferent mythological heroes.Maybe have like, Cratos, Hercules, Artimis, oh! and maybe Leonidas of the 300 and so on then maybe. I really can't immagine a bunch of Cratossss (would that be plural) running around i think it would get confusing.

but honestly now that i thought of it having different mythological heroes that would be kind of bad-ass

#1 - victor307664 - November 16, 2009 // 12:45 pm
victor307664's Avatar
I agree with the developers of the game, I dont really see God of war III as a multi-player game. Most multi games are shooter maybe thats what I'm use to seeing or playing. Hopefully this is a good change.