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February 4, 2012 // 4:02 am - Sony has announced today that their PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts will be migrating to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) accounts next week.

Below is the official press release, as follows:

Press Release: On February 8, 2012, your “PlayStation Network account” will be renamed a “Sony Entertainment Network account” or a “SEN account” in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 3 system software and PlayStation Vita system software updates. (Note, this change will not be applied to the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system at this time.)

For general purposes, this account change is a change in name only. Your username or password will not change, nor are we asking you to change them. In accordance with this transition, some necessary naming changes will be made to the TOS and Privacy Policy.

This transition is based on Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering. As a series of these activities Sony started last September, PlayStation Network will be aligned with “Sony Entertainment Network.” This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support during this transition.

The Sony Entertainment Network Team

Sony PSN Accounts Migrating to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)

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#12 - OGroteKoning - February 6, 2012 // 8:14 pm
OGroteKoning's Avatar
$ony: Listen up world! We, the mighty empire you mortals refer to as $ony, has a new announcement for something that will rock your world.

Mortals: Oh goody gumdrops $ony. Please enlighten us. We are so exited! It must be better than cross game chat or even the ability to play PS2 games kn the PS3 ... oooh we can't wait! Tell us ... tell us ...

$ony: We are changing PSN to SEN.

Mortals: Erm ... that sounds ... erm great ... and what new features are you announcing?

$ony: No, just the namechange ...

Mortals: We have a better idea ... why don't you just go screw yourself wasting our time with a meaningless crap?!


I just can not believe this is $ony's focus/attention. Isn't there more important issues they can focus on?

Sent from my Galaxy S II.

#11 - syphonlord - February 6, 2012 // 10:35 am
syphonlord's Avatar
Looks like another firmware update is going to be pushed our way, wonder what amazing new features it will bring to the table lol.. Hope it dosen't effect downgrade flashers ie e3 or progskeet

#10 - Bartholomy - February 6, 2012 // 8:30 am
Bartholomy's Avatar
No sorry. This is wgat's going to happen soon, after dopa. All begins with file sharing. Soon, no adult films and videogames illegal lol

Foo, our society is going to be like this, not just PSN (SEN) hehe. All begins with Megaupload, then SOPA. Next, no porn nor videogames, they must be illegal, can make young minds a deviate. (LOL)

#9 - GrandpaHomer - February 6, 2012 // 7:56 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
And even better chance to lose even more account details ...

#8 - Alaa - February 5, 2012 // 6:06 am
Alaa's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
Meh... why not give us the chance to change our username -.-

I second that.

#7 - morrisz - February 4, 2012 // 7:31 pm
morrisz's Avatar
Does this make it impossible to exchange savefiles between two consoles?

(when one latest firmware, the other cfw 3.55, both on the same psn)

#6 - Foo - February 4, 2012 // 6:56 pm
Foo's Avatar
Next: Communist Network, Inc

#5 - SanctumSlayer - February 4, 2012 // 1:44 pm
SanctumSlayer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
Well at least they've merged all their online services into one account with one name.

A la google

#4 - Brenza - February 4, 2012 // 1:17 pm
Brenza's Avatar
I bet everything i own that their TOS changes are going to screw us!

#3 - B4rtj4h - February 4, 2012 // 12:03 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Meh... why not give us the chance to change our username -.-