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Sony: PS4 to Arrive with Next-Gen Consoles from Competitors

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174w ago - Contrary to previous reports, PlayStation Europe CEO Jim Ryan recently stated to Eurogamer that PS4 will probably arrive at the same time as Next-Gen XBox and Nintendo consoles.

To quote: "I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation]."

He also noted, however, that there is still a lot of life left in the PS3 and explained:

"If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of £120 or lower.

We've only just hit £199 in the UK [with the PS3] so clearly there's a considerable untapped part of the market there."

Is anyone ready for a potential PS4 release as early as 2012?

Sony: PS4 to Arrive with Next-Gen Consoles from Competitors

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#15 - elser1 - 174w ago
elser1's Avatar
i'll be sticking with ps4.. don't know why to be honest.. i doubt you will buy the xbox gen 4 console for price of vita.. $399 au LOL if it is ill be 2 on launch day.. 1 to be hacked and 1 for xbox live..

#14 - Bartholomy - 174w ago
Bartholomy's Avatar
Deffo But priority on xbox, better people, better scene.

#13 - HeyManHRU - 174w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Well like I said before, I think it's still to early to decide, both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be different than it's predecessors. I think I'll be getting the console that is hacked first.

#12 - Bartholomy - 174w ago
Bartholomy's Avatar
Not again? You'll see. For sure, i will buy a new xbox, i wasted enough for this stupid ps3 And if new xbox will be modded, well..
I don't want to deal anymore with those retard devs for ps3 (and ps4?) and their elite and dongles

#11 - swatpup32 - 174w ago
swatpup32's Avatar
Yeah, I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice. Anyways, there isn't a new type disc technology that they can latch on to this time around.

#10 - HeyManHRU - 174w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
I hope the PS4 launch price isn't the same price as the PS3 launch price here in Australia which was $1000.

The PS3 was more expensive than the 360 too, but I also think the "Blu ray" player also contributed to the number of units sold. Either way most people will just stick with what they always had, an Xbox or a Playstation.

#9 - Bartholomy - 174w ago
Bartholomy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
The PS3 was released about a year after the 360 was released and it still sold around 55 million units, so did the the 360.
This time will be different. New xbox's price will be like a PSVITA, what about PS4?

I think having the cheapest console will sell the most, look at the Wii for example.

Yep, exactly. Like i said, noone will be interested on a 800$ PS4, expecially if late, when all of use are more than enjoying new ubercool games on the new xbox

#8 - swatpup32 - 174w ago
swatpup32's Avatar
A 2012 release date would mean that it took square-enix the entire life of ps3 to release FFv13, lazy butts. Well not exactly I'm sure there would be 2-4 years of overlap like with the ps2/ps3.

#7 - lindwurm - 174w ago
lindwurm's Avatar
I'm interest in their storage, are they using large hdd capacity or fast ssd or maybe both (upgrade able ) and i hope it have bigger ram than ps3.

#6 - tilla - 174w ago
tilla's Avatar
Not really a meaningful comment at all, not sure why so many sites are even mentioning it. Also note: despite the PS3 being a year younger than the 360 it's only a little over 2 million units apart from the sales numbers of the 360.


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