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Sony PS3 System Software Update v4.20 is Incoming, Detailed

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140w ago - Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel has announced today that PS3 System Software update version 4.20 is incoming tomorrow with details below, as follows:

Download: PS3 Firmware 4.20 Update (US) / PS3 Firmware 4.20 Update (EU)

Tomorrow we will be releasing a new system software update (v4.20) for PlayStation 3 which will include a few minor updates in order to strengthen functionality and improve your overall experience.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, system software update (v4.10) added a feature that enabled you to hear your own voice through the Wireless Stereo Headset when playing multiplayer modes. This type of audio feedback is known as "sidetone."

Based on your comments, system software update (v4.20) will improve sidetone audio performance by giving you the option to select one out of five levels for microphone audio, or turn the feature off completely.

For those of you who use the Wireless Stereo Headset to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies on your PS3, this system software update will also enable virtual surround sound functionality, giving you a superior audio experience.

This update will also allow you to set the amount of time that the system will wait before turning itself off automatically for [Video/TV/Music/Photo] and for [Game/Other Features].

Additionally, saved data management has been improved. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete or copy them as a group.

More details will be available here tomorrow once the system software update is live.

Update: According to TheSixthAxis.com, Sony has also improved the PS3 Web browser to make casual browsing easier.

To quote: "Sony have finally removed the pop-up that asks you about plug-ins multiple times per session and in some cases multiple times per page.

Now it'll ask you about Flash once per session, so if a site has more than one Flash advert you'll only be prompted once and then you're good until you quit."

It has also been confirmed that PS3 downgrading via hardware flashers still works and PlayStation 3 3.55 Custom Firmware users can still access PSN using FckPSN or the method from PS3ITA outlined below, as follows:

FckPSN still works, but requires a PC. Do not have a computer or simply do not want to turn on whenever you want to connect to the PSN?

PS3ITA has the right care:

• Make sure your custom firmware installed 3.55 has no SPOOF! It 's very important.
• Download and install on your PS3 on our pkg: DOWNLOAD | DOWNLOAD (x Ver CFW_Geohot)
• Launch the pkg, you'll see the flashing yellow LED console (do not worry it is not a YLOD), after about 2 seconds will reboot the PS3.
• Log in peace (so to speak.. attentive to possible BAN) to the NDP.

Some clarifications: the "patch" used to connect to the PSN are totally different from those of Rebug Team, but obviously we have unearthed the passphrase used by them. Without this access to the NDP would be impossible with any method.

So a huge THANKS and credit goes to the Team Rebug!

Probably as soon as Sony will patch it all again by replacing the passphrase or in another way, I honestly did not think would last so long, but for now enjoy the PSN.

Update #2: PS3ITA (linked above) have updated their PSoN application to v2 now, with details below as follows:

The article was updated with new download link, submitting a new version of the PKG file (PS3ita_PSoN_v2) which increases the compatibility and functionality (automatically remove the spoof if present) on the different custom firmware.

Also added a new PKG (PS3ita_PSoN_uninstall) for those who wish to restore, then, the original terms of your CFW.

• Make sure your custom firmware 3.55 is not a DRM dongle CFW.

• No matter if you have already installed the spoof.

• Fully compatible with CFW Rebug (fixed bugs).

• Download and install on your PS3 on our pkg: DOWNLOAD 1 | DOWNLOAD 2 (Ver. x CFW_Geohot)

• Launch the pkg, you'll see the flashing yellow LED console (do not worry it is not a YLOD), after about 2 seconds will reboot the PS3. During installation, the PKG will automatically remove any spoof installed before.

• Log in peace (so to speak .. attentive to possible BAN) to the PSN.

• For any requirements, you can uninstall everything downloading and installing the following PKG:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The pkg can be used on all CFW (currently tested PS3ITA, Kmeaw, and Rebug) exception of that of the DRM dongles.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#36 - PS4 News - 119w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I don't understand your reply, but I checked the link I posted and it's working fine here to download.

#35 - lumon - 119w ago
lumon's Avatar
The web not found!!! Y_Y

#34 - PS4 News - 119w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
The file is located in our archive here for download: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=5296

#33 - lumon - 119w ago
lumon's Avatar
Please, everybody can upload file OFW 4.20!!! I can't boot system PS3 because change new HDD U_U

#32 - Foo - 139w ago
Foo's Avatar
I really picked a great week to go on vacation. -.-

#31 - HeyManHRU - 139w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Only with a device like an E3 flasher.

#30 - ykl2323 - 139w ago
ykl2323's Avatar
Can I downgrade back to 3.55 after I tried 4.20?

#29 - kaindarkheart - 139w ago
kaindarkheart's Avatar
I know that dude, but thanks anyway, i've restored my ps3 via recovery menu and tried again with the same results, so i guess is not working on rebug 3.55.2 update 07 so i'll wait for an official rebug update. by the way i tried both pkgs from ps ita and none of them worked for me. (i apologize for my bad english, i'm from Mexico)

#28 - HeyManHRU - 140w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
In addiction to FckPSN and the PS3ITA PSoN packages, there is also a PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler and Clear History PSN Stealth Mod posted HERE now for those interested in PlayStation Network access.

#27 - wwywong - 140w ago
wwywong's Avatar
I think not long then fckpsn will stop working too.


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