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January 10, 2009 // 11:58 pm - When asked about the reception Home has had amongst developers, game director Peter Edward admitted to DevelopMag that the social networking service was unveiled a little too soon.

To quote: "Initially, there was real excitement from people, because we were showing something really different and that had a lot of potential. And then there's the realization that, well, we probably announced it too early - GDC 07 was a long time ago. I think there was sort of recognition amongst developers of 'Oh, this is interesting, but there's still a lot of work to be done.'"

That attitude is changing though, according to Edward. "It's mature and everybody's starting to produce some really interesting stuff. As soon as developers start seeing what other people have done, it really starts to build on the excitement."

Hopefully most will agree with Edward - the wait for Home was simply too long. Would our opinions have been different if the wait was shorter? Hopefully, as time goes on, the service will evolve into something that both gamers and developers can get really excited about.

Sony: PlayStation Home Was Probably Announced Too Early

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#2 - sekemc - January 12, 2009 // 5:05 pm
sekemc's Avatar
A lot of things are announced to early, it's the same with games, they are shown off and publishers are pushed to release it on time, and then when it comes out it isn't what everybody expected. I do think Home has the potential there though. I really do like the Red Bull Island game, and the EA sports complex looks very promising too.

#1 - parkerparker - January 12, 2009 // 11:39 am
parkerparker's Avatar
its true! it was released too late if you ask me!

HOME doesn't live up to the hype at all, i have no interest in it at all..
its graphics are second rate and suffers from many problems~