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April 10, 2009 // 10:42 am - Those who have dreamed of your Facebook profile automatically being updated when you gain a trophy on a PS3 game may soon get your wish.

Sony's John Davidson has indicated that they are already working on a PS3-Facebook integration system for games, to quote:

According to Joystiq, a panelist asked John Davidson from Sony whether there would ever be a time when someone could do something on a PS3 game and then could 'spit it out to Facebook'.

Davidson replied that such an idea is already in the works and is "critical not just for marketing but for the types of games we're trying to develop. That day is coming quicker than some may think."

Sony is Planning Facebook and PS3 In-game Tie-in

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#6 - levelzoo - April 23, 2009 // 9:27 pm
levelzoo's Avatar
well looking at facebook popularity these days, it isnt nothing ground breaking... but yea it is nice idea, wondering how much it will be incorporated.

#5 - robbo171 - April 20, 2009 // 9:13 pm
robbo171's Avatar
Status updates would be welcomed!

#4 - simplec82 - April 15, 2009 // 10:25 pm
simplec82's Avatar
Does anyone know if it will have full tie in features, or is it just to update trophy information? Would be cool if it worked as a small program and updated face book, not the biggest fan of the web browers on the ps3 yet, it works, but it's pretty inconvenient.

#3 - chrismogz - April 13, 2009 // 5:44 pm
chrismogz's Avatar
the ps3 game console tho, not web browser..

#2 - Wonderkik - April 11, 2009 // 4:09 pm
Wonderkik's Avatar
I use faceBook everyday. This would be a killer feature for me!

#1 - numba1balla689 - April 11, 2009 // 2:46 am
numba1balla689's Avatar
this would be great for both the ps3 and facebook