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337w ago - SCEE's PlayStation Home service manager Dan Hill has stated that in time PlayStation Home will definitely become a reason to buy the PS3. He added that right now the service is evolving, and no one else is doing anything on the same scale or ambition.

To quote: Speaking to CVG, Home service manager for SCEE Dan Hill stated: "In time I would say that Home will definitely become a reason to purchase PS3. Today, we are at the beginning of a long journey - now is the time to start its evolution. No one else is doing anything of this scale or ambition.

The PlayStation Network is getting better all the time. Home is integral to our online offering. If you buy a PS3 and you grow with us, as Home evolves, you are going to become part of something very special, something unlike you can experience anywhere else."

Sony Insists PlayStation Home Can be a PS3 System Seller

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#4 - racer0018 - 337w ago
racer0018's Avatar
I think that in time it will become one of the reasons people will buy a ps3 but i think for now kids like the wii for many reasons. However owning 2 ps3s, a wii and a xbox360 i feel that the ps3 is a far better gaming system. Just my two cents..

#3 - PS4 News - 337w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by monkeysez View Post
I think you misspelled home in the first sentence.

Nice catch, fixed and +Rep!

#2 - monkeysez - 337w ago
monkeysez's Avatar
I think you misspelled home in the first sentence. I didn't really like home all that much. Not very exciting.

#1 - sorceror - 337w ago
sorceror's Avatar
That's nice, 'cause it sure isn't a system-seller now. At least my kids like playing with the face-maker.