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February 22, 2011 // 8:37 pm - Last week Sony officially addressed PS3 piracy and PSN bans, and today IGN (linked above) reports that they are forming a PlayStation 3 Anti-Piracy Program and hiring online investigators to assist in protecting their Intellectual Property and overseeing anti-piracy civil lawsuits.

To quote: "Two new job listings posted on SCEA's Web site reveal the company is getting serious about PlayStation 3 software piracy.

Sony is looking for a new Senior Corporate Counsel and a Senior Paralegal for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection. The main responsibilities include "assessing annual SCEA corporate anti-piracy needs and addressing the needs through developing and implementing an anti-piracy program."

• Senior Corporate Counsel, Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection - Requisition ID 02289
United States - California - San Francisco Bay Area - Foster City

• Senior Paralegal, Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection - Requisition ID 02288
United States - California - San Francisco Bay Area - Foster City

"The program to be developed will require a strong strategic online component (taking input from and working with SCEA Marketing, SCEA Strategic Business Development Latin America and SCEA Product Development)," the listing reads.

The jobs also require "collaborating with other anti-piracy organizations, including those of affiliated Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony Corporation and the videogame industry's trade association, the Entertainment Software Association."

Other responsibilities ask for "overseeing anti-piracy civil lawsuits and providing support to law enforcement and intellectual property agencies on behalf of SCEA."

Additionally, one of the requirements is having "knowledge of online investigative practices and online databases (e.g. how to find owner, administrator, ISP associated with a given domain name, etc.)"

Sony recently took famed iPhone hacker George Hotz to court after he and another group of hackers unlocked the PlayStation 3's security and later published the data online.

Since then, homebrew applications to run pirated software have hit the net, and one of Sony's major first-party titles, Killzone 3, was reportedly leaked two weeks before its release."

Sony Forms PS3 Anti-Piracy Program, Hiring IP Investigators

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#36 - daveshooter - February 23, 2011 // 8:52 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
Is there an echo in here? Just kidding abc27. Did you find it funny like myself, because yet again, people still think they can hide on the net using proxies, and IP filtering and forgetting or maybe not knowing that the network they use to connect to the web is affectively a LAN from their ISP, with a IP range of say and your ISP uses switches, on their network, and switches do not work with IP address, they work with Mac address, which in turn will give you a Wan address from there dhcp server for the web, but still keeping that LAN IP from the ISP. so you can play with ya IP address and use proxies all day long, it has no affect, for being anonymous, or untraceable.

Your Modem has 2 mac addresses, 3 if its wireless and 3 IP addresses, trust me you can't hide. Even if you have a cloned modem, you still can't hide, it just takes a little longer to triangulate you, but they will find you if your doing something that warrants it.

#35 - abc27 - February 23, 2011 // 8:00 pm
abc27's Avatar
Big deal. Whether you're behind six proxies or sixteen proxies you're still easily traced.

#34 - daveshooter - February 23, 2011 // 6:41 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
You can sit behind as many proxies as you like.. you can still be traced.

#33 - inginear - February 23, 2011 // 5:41 pm
inginear's Avatar
here's a novel idea: sony should watch over it's developers and monitor everything that goes in and out of of the developer's offices electronically if they want to keep games from being released on the net before they are released in the stores.

piracy is one thing, but having a "trusted" developer leak a game to the net before it is officially released should be more of a concern to sony. if the game is in stores before it is pirated, at least one copy will be sold to make copies from, lol.

#32 - tonybologna - February 23, 2011 // 5:20 pm
tonybologna's Avatar
The jobs also require "collaborating with other anti-piracy organizations, including those of affiliated Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony Corporation and the videogame industry's trade association, the Entertainment Software Association."

Are you frickin serious Sony? They have lost their dang minds! Like they can police the internet and stop the downloading of games themselves? Sony is going above and beyond making any sense now. News flash to Sony:

Let the anti-p2p companies do their jobs and you stick to making/supporting your own products. This is just plain crazy! They're doing what no other console company has done. They are also showing they've lost their minds. Next news flash will read:

"Sony executives all hospitalized for serious mental illness problems." I mean this is now getting real crazy here!

#31 - cizzymac - February 23, 2011 // 5:13 pm
cizzymac's Avatar
Dear Sony, Good luck. I'm behind 6 proxies (maybe). LOL



PS: Come at me, bro.

#30 - br4insick - February 23, 2011 // 4:47 pm
br4insick's Avatar
i agree, they're just "wasting" money that could go towards PS4 development.. I will give credit to $ony for building a powerful computer that wasn't hackable for close to half a decade. By far the longest compared to any other console ever.. They will do what ever in their powers to do what they can (which isn't much) to protect what they have left. They really make most of their money off console sales and not games. I would think the sales of ps3 will go up since its hackable.

you all have to agree that the scene has been much more enjoyable since hackers got the upper hand. Before geohotz work, the most we had for anything sony was a custom firmware from dark_alex for the PSP.. speakin of dark_alex, i wouldn't mind seeing something from him for the PS3 scene.

i really enjoy having something to read about the ps3 scene and this cat and mouse game is entertainment for me. I will always be on the hackers side tho, so yea F $ony.. haha.

#29 - Brenza - February 23, 2011 // 2:46 pm
Brenza's Avatar
Let's start controllers' ip filtering and console id hiding

#28 - crazelunatic - February 23, 2011 // 2:30 pm
crazelunatic's Avatar
must go back to days of hdadvance on ps2... get a gamefly account rent rent and rip to hdd... purchase discs later on

#27 - nereablanca - February 23, 2011 // 2:08 pm
nereablanca's Avatar
not good