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May 6, 2010 // 9:12 pm - Sony Associate Product Marketing Manager Chuck Lacson has announced today that ModNation Racers is getting some new PS3 DLC dubbed Air Raid even before the PlayStation 3 title officially launches!

To quote: In anticipation for our ModNation Racers release on May 25th, and to celebrate ModNation May, we are going to drop some free ModNation DLC before we even launch the game! So what DLC are we hooking you up with?

I'd like to introduce you to Air Raid! Get an AIRMEN CAP and FLIGHT JACKET to use on any one of your Mod creations!

Air Raid is a sweet Mod that drives an even sweeter Fighter Plane Kart. If you're lucky enough to get a voucher for this character, you don't just get to play as Air Raid, but you can get all the accessories that come with him to create your own "Ace" driver and slick Air Fighter-styled kart.

Pilot your Kart with a YOKE steering wheel or take aim with CROSS HAIR hood ornament. So the big question is, "How do I get a voucher, Chuck?"

We will be giving away a bunch of voucher codes in many different ways, and we will let you know which ones right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

The first site that is hooking you up is our friends at GameSpot! They are planning on doing two code drops, with the first one being on May 10th. They have a limited quantity, so be sure to get in there before they run out.

Sony Announces ModNation Racers Air Raid PS3 DLC Incoming

Sony Announces ModNation Racers Air Raid PS3 DLC Incoming

Sony Announces ModNation Racers Air Raid PS3 DLC Incoming

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#2 - LIL935 - May 10, 2010 // 6:33 pm
LIL935's Avatar
Yes it is a good announcement.. knowing that sony does not add dlc for these games in large amounts, but when they make it they do well as with the god of war 3.

#1 - banksc - May 10, 2010 // 5:35 pm
banksc's Avatar
LAME!! I had the page open for the timer expire... as soon as it expired, it said they were all gone. What did they have, 1? Sounds like a successful marketing gimmick for GameSpot. I will never visit their site again after this stunt.