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February 16, 2011 // 11:33 am - Update: As expected, countless users in our PS3 Forums have confirmed receiving e-mail notices from Sony followed by their PlayStation 3 consoles being banned.

According to Mathieulh if you get error 0x8002A227 Sony banned your PS3 from the PSN.

Today Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has posted the following statement from Sony Computer Entertainment on PS3 circumvention devices, piracy and PSN bans:

Notice: Unauthorized circumvention devices for the PlayStation 3 system have been recently released by hackers. These devices permit the use of unauthorized or pirated software.

Use of such devices or software violates the terms of the "System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System" and the "Terms of Services and User Agreement" for the PlayStation Network/Qriocity and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

Violation of the System Software Licence Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System invalidates the consumer guarantee for that system. In addition, copying or playing pirated software is a violation of International Copyright Laws.

Consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to the PlayStation Network and access to Qriocity services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently.

To avoid this, consumers must immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.

What this means to you:

Circumvention devices and game piracy damage our industry and can potentially injure the online experience for you, our loyal PlayStation customers, via hacks and cheats.

Many PlayStation.Blog readers have asked how we intend to deal with these incidents that they have been reading about in the gaming press, and this is our initial response.

By identifying PlayStation 3 systems that breach our guidelines and terminating their ability to connect to PlayStation Network, we are protecting our business and preserving the honest gameplay experiences that you expect and deserve.

Rest assured, this message does not apply to the overwhelming majority of our users who enjoy the world of entertainment PlayStation 3 has to offer without breaching the guidelines detailed above, and we urge you to continue doing so without fear.

Sony Addresses PS3 Circumvention Devices, Piracy and PSN Bans

Sony Addresses PS3 Circumvention Devices, Piracy and PSN Bans

Sony Addresses PS3 Circumvention Devices, Piracy and PSN Bans

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#316 - Icepuppy - February 18, 2011 // 1:05 pm
Icepuppy's Avatar
I never used my PS3 with Kmeaw to play on PSN but I did do some game updates etc. My PS3 is also from Australia and I got an email from SCEA Australia even though I have been using it in Canada for a year or so. I'm pretty sure Sony knows exactly what's on it so that console never goes online again, have a second console for PSN.

It will be interesting to see if any console ID spoofing happens, it would indeed be interesting if random people starting getting banned.

#315 - wwywong - February 18, 2011 // 6:22 am
wwywong's Avatar
You can't. They are tie to your psn account. But I think you can backup the files and put it in another ps3 that have the same psn account though. But you have to rebuild the database to make it work.

#314 - Anticleric - February 18, 2011 // 4:58 am
Anticleric's Avatar
What's this talk about changing your PSN ID with Charles? Not planning on doing it yet, but I would like to hear more.

Also, does anyone know if you could backup your trophy data and transfer it to another account? I know it's lame.. but I don't want to lose my trophies, don't really care about the rest of PSN.

#313 - skribblenauts - February 18, 2011 // 12:14 am
skribblenauts's Avatar
I received the email but it's funny because I can log in to PSN over the Web and sign in just fine. I can see my friends list, trophy info, etc. However I have not logged into PSN to see if I am actually banned.

Meh, whatever...if you chose to JB and use CFW for what EVER reason you have in mind for it, you should be ready to accept the consequence, be it brick or ban.

If it bothers you all that much that you are banned from the PSN, yes, go get a new PS3. Or do what I am going to do, and buy a 360 to play online. BHAHAHA. IN YOUR FACE SONY.

#312 - ryanl33x1511 - February 18, 2011 // 12:13 am
ryanl33x1511's Avatar
I WAS wondering how sony log you ? by IP, ? MAC of each PS3, device ID and cert of each device ? I mean by all that CFW we can generata and fake all that and just generate another one to login untill get ban again..

#311 - wwywong - February 17, 2011 // 10:37 pm
wwywong's Avatar
My opinion is this: I don't care what reason you use CFW/JB, but you've use it (I did), so deal with the consequences. Don't tell me you've never considered the consequence of being banned the moment you want to turn to CFW/JB. If you have considered and jump on the boat, so be it. If you really love PSN that much, grab a new ps3 and never jb it.

I don't want to say it but it is quite unintelligent to use the same ps3 to do both jb and spend any $ in psn with the same console, knowing that sony will find out any day. They have full right to mess up your account anyway. No one point a gun in your head when you buy ps3. It's not fair, but they created the product so they can screw you anytime they want.

It is not right, I am not saying they are right, but since when do business/corporation care about moral? They are just money making machine, and they don't care about people asking "why you take away my linux, why you take away this and that"... if you don't like the system, just don't buy it. Same as people who buy iphone.

Don't misunderstand me, I totally support the hacking community, and I am proud to be one in the community. I am enjoying what I can with CFW/JB, when I am giving up what I cannot have, which is psn. I've weight the pros and cons, and I decided to stick with my choice. In my mind, I was banned more or less from psn the moment I turn to CFW/JB. Try to think of it, how much time you can enjoy psn during the whole cycle of hacker vs sony? Every time the hacker wins, we get like 1-3 weeks of grace to go into PSN. Then sony update fw again.

We are out the picture again. Until the next time hacker find ways to bypass it, then we get another couple weeks. Then sony update their fw again. If I am really relying that much on PSN, I won't be able to stand the on and off like that anyway. So if I am still fine, that mean I don't need psn. It is probably also true for lot of people here.

So it's no point discussing why they do it, whether it's right they do it like this, or why jb is good/bad here. It just add more meaningless post in the thread. Instead, let's post test and result in here, so the thread is more focused.

#310 - System Repairs - February 17, 2011 // 9:47 pm
System Repairs's Avatar
You take your chances. You can't run two different firmwares, so the 2 HD swap won't work.

If you get banned you can format and reinsall the OFW to get on PSN or not. There is no current best of both worlds and you have to give up 1 or the other.

#309 - dbgtrgr - February 17, 2011 // 9:10 pm
dbgtrgr's Avatar
So, when Sony sent out that press release (or whatever it was) and shut down PSN for "maintenance," I disconnected my ps3 from the internet, and haven't put it back on. I did receive a warning email.

I'm just wondering, if I would have gotten banned, is it already banned? Or would it ban upon connected to PSN and discovering that I still have homebrew.

If it's the latter, I'm just thinking of the possibility of using 2 hard drives, and just swapping them out, one with homebrew, one completely legit. I don't know how the PS3 stores all of it's info, so I have no idea if this would work...

#308 - B4rtj4h - February 17, 2011 // 8:49 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
So much for people believing me ... screw all that do not believe me.

When you erase your HDD it's safe . The sectors that hold the info what you done are not there anymore.

Although when banned or when you received the mail... removing al evidence won't be necessary because its already synced at the sony servers.

#307 - ih8Jelsoft - February 17, 2011 // 8:48 pm
ih8Jelsoft's Avatar
It was a warning e-mail. The MITM approach only tricks the PS3 to connect to PSN. It doesn't filter any data going to $ony. $ony has been collecting a crapload of unannounced data on any PS3 units that have ever connected to PSN. TV model, user's internet stats, how much music or photos the console has on the HDD... NOT stuff that's layed out in their TOS.

Gladly, this violates some European privacy directive, so if/when any EU PS3 get banned, there should be a storm of protests/investigations.