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February 22, 2009 // 10:06 pm - Sony has revealed that global PlayStation 3 sales have eclipsed the 21 million mark. According to the platform holder, life-to-date sales figures for the console now stand at approximately 21.3 million units.

Additionally, the firm also confirmed that PlayStation Network has now achieved 17 million registered accounts, though neglected to specify whether or not this included duplicate accounts and/or excluded PSP accounts, and those activated on the PSN Web site.

To quote: As part of the Sony's announcement regarding its bid to launch hardware across Latin America, the firm claimed that life-to-date sales of the PS3 were now at 21.3 million.

The company also stated that the PlayStation Network has amassed 17 million registered accounts, though this was given as a whole number and not specifying if it included duplicate accounts and/or excluded PSP accounts and accounts activated on the PSN Web site.

Sony: 21 Million PS3s Sold Worldwide, 17 Million PSN Users

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#3 - sorceror - February 23, 2009 // 11:14 am
sorceror's Avatar
So, what do the four million plus that aren't networked do with their PS3s? I doubt there are that many scientific clusters.

#2 - sopcop777 - February 23, 2009 // 3:40 am
sopcop777's Avatar
wow, thats a lot..

#1 - idone - February 22, 2009 // 11:31 pm
idone's Avatar
I can vouch for creating 6 of those accounts...

i bet they included them from all sources.. even my very very inactive/unused ones