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SOE Opens Its Bag of Tricks to Online Community this October

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337w ago - Sony has announced it's online titles will host a variety of in-game Halloween events including EverQuest II's Nights of the Dead and more.


Online Titles to Host Variety of In-Game Halloween Events Including EverQuest® II 's Nights of the Dead and First-Ever Star Wars GalaxiesTM Galactic Moon Festival

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) conjures ghosts, ghouls and goblins for the gamer community in a variety of in-game events themed around Halloween. This October, EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, Star Wars Galaxies, Legends of Norrathâ„¢, Vanguard Saga of Heroesâ„¢, EverQuest® Online Adventures and The Matrix Online players can celebrate All Hallows Eve by participating in themed quests, donning avatar costumes and masks, and trick-or-treating for loot and candy!

In-game events are as follows:

EverQuest®: The lands of Norrath have been overridden with mystery, magic and mayhem. Help the inhabitants of Greater Faydark weed the Necromancer's Garden of the horrible sprouting skulls that have taken root there. Assist farmers in West Karana subdue the spooks in a Scarecrow Roundup. Rewards will go to all who succeed in combating these episodes of the supernatural! These events are scheduled to run Oct. 24 through Nov. 7.

For detailed information, please visit www.eqplayers.com.

EverQuest® II: Nights of the Dead only comes once a year in Norrath, so players take heed! During this ghastly holiday, citizens of Norrath can venture into Qeynos or Freeport to free the spirits trapped in the haunted houses, combat evil in the haunted mansion missions, trick-or-treat with NPC's in the cities for something especially sweet or participate in Ponchy the Halfling's petrifying quest series! Nights of the Dead is scheduled to run Oct. 22 through Nov. 3.

For detailed information, please visit www.eq2players.com.

Star Wars Galaxies: For the first time ever, Naboo and Tatooine will play host to the spooky zones of the Galactic Moon Festival. Oct. 14 through Nov. 7, this foreboding festival will be filled with ghosts, gravestones, spiders, Sith-o-lanterns and other creepy crawlies. Visit the Galactic Moon Festival organizer Z'ozpheratu to obtain the appropriate costume, and then players can taunt costumed NPCs with tricks in exchange for Halloween treats. May the fright be with you!

For detailed information, please visit http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com.

Legends of Norrathâ„¢: Scary creatures lurk in the fields at night this Halloween! Anticipated to run Oct. 22 through Nov. 4, players will face the mysterious and deadly Scarecrow King in an all-new Legends of Norrath scenario created just for Halloween. New and existing players alike are invited to bring their best decks and try this free scenario with Halloween treats, including a powerful promo card and valuable loot cards for EverQuest or EverQuest II for those who manage to slay the monster!

For detailed information, please visit www.legendsofnorrath.com/scaryscarecrow.vm.

Vanguard Saga of Heroesâ„¢: The sinister necromancer Sartok has summoned some of his most fearsome creations yet and will soon unleash them on the inhabitants of Telon during Sartok's Surprise. Travelers beware, as three terrifying new undead raid encounters will be roaming the lands seeking out adventures both young and old. Any heroes able to best Sartok's abominable creations will be rewarded with special appearance-altering costumes and magical masks. While adventurers rest between battles, they can complete special new quests to claim additional rewards such as new pets or more magical masks.

For detailed information, please visit, www.vgplayers.com.

EverQuest® Online Adventures: Slated for launch on Oct. 23, EQOA will introduce a special Halloween quest for those who aren't afraid of a few tricks and possibly a treat. Part of the Halloween quest includes the introduction of the Skeleton King who brings riddles to players who encounter him, but be careful, answer a riddle incorrectly, and you may meet the reaper.

For detailed information, please visit, http://everquestonlineadventures.station.sony.com.

The Matrix Online: Halloween's massive moon and creepy round-the-clock nighttime set the backdrop for the appearance of seven new disguise masks in The Matrix Online, for a total of 28 collectible disguises of spooky and exotic Matrix characters! With events scheduled to run Oct. 23 through Nov. 6, any Redpill can catch the zombies and jack-o-lanterns that drop lootable masks in the various neighborhoods of the four districts. Be forewarned, a special bite attack from the spawning zombies will render any victim "zombified"; however, players can then use the bite attack to zombify others!

For detailed information, please visit, http://thematrixonline.station.sony.com/players/.

WHEN/WHERE: All throughout the month of October, Halloween-themed events are scheduled to take place in the virtual worlds of your favorite SOE games. Exact dates vary by title. Please log on to www.station.com for more information.

SOE Opens Its Bag of Tricks to Online Community this October

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