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January 12, 2009 // 10:00 pm - According to MTV, the box of Skate 2 for the PS3 indicates that the game requires 2182MB.

So if you're running low on HDD space for the PS3, then you may wish to consider clearing some room for this one!

To quote: A quick public service announcement: We're still in the era of PS3 games that require installations and/or major chunks of hard drive space.

The box for this month's "Skate 2" indicates that it requires 2182 MB. So free some hard drive space if, like me, you're running out of room.

Skate 2 Install for PlayStation 3 Requires 2GB of Hard Drive Space

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#2 - Goldfire - January 18, 2009 // 12:35 pm
Goldfire's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by wormie123 View Post
or upgrade ya hard drive like I have just done £50 250GB what a bargain!

I agree, HDD's don't cost that much any more. I got my hands on a 160GB HDD for my PS3, while it isn't that large, it is still plenty for all my game installs, music, videos etc.

#1 - wormie123 - January 13, 2009 // 12:31 pm
wormie123's Avatar
or upgrade ya hard drive like I have just done £50 250GB what a bargain!