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November 10, 2009 // 10:46 pm - Today Sega Europe has announced news of a Bayonetta Special Edition (pictured below) coming on January 8, 2010 to both Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's XBox 360 consoles.

To quote: I'm very pleased to announce that a special edition of our forthcoming game Bayonetta will be available at launch on January 8th.

Available to gamers in the UK, France, Spain and Australia the special edition is presented in a nice slipcase and includes a copy of the game, a lovely artbook and game soundtrack.

The track listing is as follows:
1. One Of A Kind
Music by: Hiroshi Yamaguchi

2. Riders Of The Light
Music by: Hiroshi Yamaguchi

3. Battle For The Umbra Throne
Music by: Rei Kondoh (T's Music)

4. Theme Of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny
Music by: Masami Ueda
Vocal Performance by: Helena Noguerra
Lyrics by: Nikola Obermann

5. The Old City Of Vigrid
Music by: Masami Ueda

6. The Gates Of Hell
Music by: Masami Ueda
Trumpet Performance by: Yohei Ichikawa

Sega Announces Bayonetta Special Edition for PS3 and XBox 360

Sega Announces Bayonetta Special Edition for PS3 and XBox 360

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#2 - Elavertu - November 11, 2009 // 8:08 pm
Elavertu's Avatar
Terrible. I'm tired of the ps3 version of games being given lower priority in polish than the Xbox version. I realize the ps3 is more difficult and expensive to work with but, in my opinion, anything lower than 60fps is unacceptable. One can dream....

#1 - Neo Cyrus - November 11, 2009 // 10:54 am
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
The PS3 version of the game averaged 29 fps and appears to have a lower resolution than the 360 version (which averaged 52 fps which is also unacceptable). I won't be buying a butchered port.