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340w ago - If you're one of the lucky ones, in your inbox you should receive a PlayStation Home BETA invite to the much-anticipated PS3 Home BETA. This chap has recieved an e-mail as of 5:46 EST, and some should be receiving their invites as we speak, good luck!!!

To quote SCEE community team manager TedTheDog's announcement on the official PlayStation boards:

Last night v1.0 went live in the beta and our existing testers are now up and running with it.

Today, Friday 21st, over a hundred thousand invitations will be sent across the SCEE region and next Thursday the 27th another larger batch of invitations will be sent.

If you are lucky enough to get an invitation then please note there will be load test event on each of the two evenings.

For everyone else Open Beta will not be far behind.

SCEE Sends Out Over 100K PlayStation Home BETA Invites

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#11 - gtxboyracer - 339w ago
gtxboyracer's Avatar
Anyone got a spare Home Key they dont want?

#10 - sapphireforever - 339w ago
sapphireforever's Avatar
This is the third time I got it.... LBP, Resistant 2, and Home

#9 - silencephaze - 340w ago
silencephaze's Avatar
You guys are all so lucky. You each atleast have 2 invites i havn't had a invite to any beta yet. DAMN! !

#8 - HybridX - 340w ago
HybridX's Avatar
it's the second time i got a beta invitation here in canada (quebec) i've got one for resistance2 and then.. home... i wasn't waiting for one and i must say that i'm pretty happy to go there.. it's a bit limited for now but soon i guess it will be a pretty huge community!!

#7 - BrockSamson - 340w ago
BrockSamson's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cheviot View Post
I got my invite last night. Download is very fast, avatar creation is pretty versitile as far as physical appearance but clothing options are lacking.

You can use the Home beta code up to 5x i think & does not need to have that user PSN name.. but soon the pkg file will come up soon & then we will not be homeless no more.

#6 - BlingOnMyWrist - 340w ago
BlingOnMyWrist's Avatar
I got in on both my US and JP accounts but still nothing to my EU account.

I'm extremely happy. Now all they need to do is put the gamespaces and things back into the stores.

#5 - cheviot - 340w ago
cheviot's Avatar
I got my invite last night. Download is very fast, avatar creation is pretty versitile as far as physical appearance but clothing options are lacking.

#4 - digihoe - 340w ago
digihoe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pjrblue View Post
Post in Playstation 3 Home forum:

Europeans are going to wait a bit longer.

How much longer? I have two PS3, I think I should get an invite... But so far nothing... Do you have to be member on some SONY site?

#3 - Nanobr3ker - 340w ago
Nanobr3ker's Avatar
i got the invite! (although i have a US playstation network account) awesomeness!

#2 - pjrblue - 340w ago
pjrblue's Avatar
Post in Playstation 3 Home forum:
I'm very sorry everyone, but it looks like our email system has failed us.

Combine that with the SCEE annual company conference (which is where we've all been until now) and that means no invites today.

I've made a series of phone calls and I dont believe its something we can quickly fix so we'll need the email team together on Monday morning to tackle the problem.

If its any consolation its not a Home problem, its an email problem........... Actually, I fully understand its not any consolation.

I know you dont see this often but heres a PlayStation rep saying sorry. The Home team were very much looking forward to seeing how all the new testers reacted to our baby and now we also have to wait another few days.

However, the reality of it is that its a small but very irritating hiccup and we'll soon be back on track so please dont give up the hope, you'll all be Home within the coming weeks.

If I hear anything more I'll let you know immediately.


Europeans are going to wait a bit longer.