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303w ago - Today SCEE has officially confirmed the rumor that PlayStation Network Cards are making their way to Europe.

Angela Madronero, European PlayStation Store Manager, announced that more information on PSN Cards will be revealed 'in the not too distant future'.

Additionally, she stated the following regarding Europe getting a video and music download service:

"We will be making an official announcement regarding our forthcoming Video Store, next week, at Gamescom!"

Check out the entire PlayStation Store FAQ linked above!

SCEE Announces PSN Cards and Video Store Coming to Europe!

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#8 - icecool121 - 303w ago
icecool121's Avatar
All I can say is "It's about time", the EU has been laggin behind the US for way too long now when it comes to PSN. Qore and Pulse I can't wait to see them.

#7 - trasek - 303w ago
trasek's Avatar
what a great news... i have been looking for an online video store and rental since it started in US

#6 - irfan4684931 - 303w ago
irfan4684931's Avatar
wow, i'm happy about this news. will love to see it man.. thanks full to sony!

#5 - Russky - 303w ago
Russky's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mihaiolimpiu View Post
I'm not that good at geography, but Australia!??! Is that in Europe?? former USSR or what?!

... can't stop laughing

#4 - mihaiolimpiu - 303w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
I'm not that good at geography, but Australia!??! Is that in Europe?? former USSR or what?!

#3 - ArkhamsGhost - 303w ago
ArkhamsGhost's Avatar
So does this mean they will be available in Australia too?

#2 - PS4 News - 303w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I think we'll all know more next week after the Sony conference..

#1 - Grey Goshawk - 303w ago
Grey Goshawk's Avatar
While they seemed to have confirmed that they are releasing the movie store EU side, a date still has not been placed for it. I'm going to be it'll still be out in 2010