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July 8, 2008 // 10:47 pm - Update: Adjusted for the possibility that "replaced" could mean basic changes to 40GB model, like the addition of DualShock 3.

A Wal-Mart spreadsheet allegedly listing products that the company is having difficulty stocking states that the 40GB PS3 "will be replaced with [a] new model in early August."

We received this sheet from an employee that's sent us solid information in the past though s/he can't confirm the origin of the note that the model will be replaced. Of course, in the eternal battle over semantics, "replaced" could simply mean some minor tweaks to the model and the addition of the DualShock 3.

For those keeping track, if the 40GB version actually ceases production it would be the third version of the PS3 to do so. Let's take a trip down memory lane: The 60GB PS3 was last seen in late 2007 roaming the plains of retail (some still speak of finding them in random places today) and the 20GB was officially declared dead in early 2007 after it went missing from retail for months.

Perhaps next week's E3 will shed some light on the fate of the 40GB unit.

Rumor: Wal-Mart Memo says 40GB PS3 to be replaced in August

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#8 - Pino84 - July 13, 2008 // 5:47 am
Pino84's Avatar
Here in Australia we have 40gb only, not compatible with ps2 games.

i wish i bought the 60gb one when they first released them since they play PS2 games. why did they discontinue them?

#7 - tallen - July 12, 2008 // 9:38 am
tallen's Avatar
Well hopefully the new PS3 will have a better CPU, which will consume less electricity. I hope this will lead to games playing much more smoothly like GTA IV. If you get into a massive frag fest the PS3 really struggles on GTA IV.

#6 - neoavail - July 10, 2008 // 12:10 pm
neoavail's Avatar
Sony isn't exactly instilling consumer confidence in the PS3 if they continue to shift their hardware. We've already seen the death of the 20 and 60 gb versions. Now if the 40 is out, is Sony saying that it will now proceed only with the 80gb version? Or do they have yet another hardware model coming out . Either way, I'm glad i got the 60gb version with the Emotion chip set while I could.

#5 - pan0k - July 9, 2008 // 5:27 pm
pan0k's Avatar
Probably the new .65mm cpu that supposed to use less power and a dual shock 3 controller. Other than that, I don't see anything new unless they are bundling a game or another movie, just like the Spiderman 3 bundle.

#4 - sampenno - July 9, 2008 // 4:14 pm
sampenno's Avatar
it could be a 40 GB with a DS3 bundled in it.

#3 - idone - July 9, 2008 // 12:48 pm
idone's Avatar
I would really like to see them bring back "HARDWARE" backward compat.

It seems like there as been an outcry for them to. In my area the used game stores, (that arent eb games or gamestop "same company") try to sell them for over $600 usd which is of course crazy.

I think it would be a good move for them to drop the 40gb sku which is the only sku lacking some sort of BC and bring it back fully with hardware.

just my 2 cents.

#2 - elomaniak - July 9, 2008 // 5:21 am
elomaniak's Avatar
maybe finally a 40g backwards compatible unit.. with an additional software emulator for the older 40gb ps3

#1 - H4rdWear - July 8, 2008 // 11:05 pm
H4rdWear's Avatar
Could we possibly see a 120GB or 300? oooh.. what we need is a ps3 that doesent use up 3 refrigerators of power... has a standby mode and some more beef?