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March 14, 2008 // 8:38 pm - According to rumors in the PSM3 magazine, we are going to have to wait a few months to see in game XMB. The magazine also states that Sony may soon make a big announcement about Home, that will reveal achievements to rival the Xbox live system.

To quote: Dubbed 'the man who knows too much', their insider teases us with some of the latest PlayStation murmurings:

- In game XMB will be coming, however not for a few months yet.

- He tells us to expect a 'big' announcement involving Home, including information about 'trophies' or achievements "to rival the Xbox live system".

- A sequel for a popular Xbox 360 title will be 'received' soon, and that it will be making its first appearance on the PS3, he also states this isn't Lost Planet.

- He also suggests that any big 2008 announcements which Sony has for the PS3 will not come in the form of new games, however there are surprises in store, and they will focus on firmware and the PS network side.

- Finally Ubisoft are apparently about to make some big announcements. Due to occur around the Ubi Days event this May in Paris. His tips include Alive, Assassins Creed 2 and Prince of Persia.

Rumor: PS3 Home Surprises; In-game XMB delayed?

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#3 - wicked insanity - March 17, 2008 // 11:56 am
wicked insanity's Avatar
I think the delays a dissapointed most people, HOME is old news now but I think the hype will be revived once it is finally released an we start to see it progress.

#2 - g63rn9p0zy5v72k - March 17, 2008 // 8:12 am
g63rn9p0zy5v72k's Avatar
Personally, I would rather see in game XMB then HOME anyday.. the hype for home honestly has died.

#1 - thatuser - March 16, 2008 // 3:25 pm
thatuser's Avatar
better would be: Ingame-XMB Surprises; PS3 Home delayed