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September 10, 2009 // 6:12 pm - A few weeks back we broke the news of the PS3 250GB Slim model CECH-2000B being uncovered at the FCC Site.

Today Eurogamer (linked above) reports that a 'trusted retail source' let them know it will indeed arrive as early as October, as part of three console-plus-game bundles.

To quote: "Unlike Spain, the UK will combine either Assassin's Creed II, Gran Turismo 5 or Uncharted 2 with the 250GB PS3 Slim. And each bundle will cost £299.99.

Sony has not backed this up in writing, which is why our source wished to remain anonymous.

Although the bundle will arrive in October, perhaps only Uncharted II - released on 23rd October - will appear then. Assassin's Creed is due on 20th Novmember, and Sony has only officially narrowed the date for GT5 to Q4 2009."

Rumor: PS3 250GB Bundles Coming, Pricing and Details Available

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#2 - CJPC - September 11, 2009 // 11:47 am
CJPC's Avatar
Hate to say called it - but yeah, we did find some interesting stuff - my price point was off, figured Sony would at least want to get more out of the unit. Then again, the holidays are coming up, helps with market penetration!

#1 - Sweech - September 11, 2009 // 11:32 am
Sweech's Avatar
Waiting one or two month to have 130Go more is a good new. Hope it will be the same for France.