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January 18, 2008 // 7:22 pm - In one of those very dubious rumors, a gamer is claiming that his friend's uncle at SCEJ gave him an insight into the new PS3 XMB which comes after PlayStation Home in late 2008.

It is claimed the PS3 might get the interactive XMB and you need i the Playstation Eye and you will be able to browse through your friends list, music, movies, games and more via your hand movements.

To quote: Well I might have some great news for PlayStation 3 owners, my friend's>friend's uncle at SCEJ gave me a insight of a new XMB which comes after the Playstation Home late 2008 (ear by ear)...

You all remember the video of the Playstation 3 XMB being something like you see in Minority Report but on screen? The Playstation 3 might be getting the interactive XMB and all you need is the Playstation Eye. You be able to browse through your friends list, music, movies, games ect using your hand huh!

As stated above they "might" so for now it just be a rumor and please do take it lightly and enjoy the games thats coming out for the Playstation I do know his friend's uncle do indeed work within SCEJ but can't comment if his in the position to know 100% so DO NOT get over excited about this news!

Rumor: PlayStation XMB soon to be advance, gesture based control

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