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October 1, 2007 // 12:14 pm - According to the source (linked above) they have seen an unedited copy of the initial FCC filing for Sony's much talked about new PS3 SKU. It is rumored that the new PS3 uses less power than previous models, the new PS3 will include a brand new controller (Dual Shock 3), the WiFi and Bluetooth parts have an upgrade to enable greater reach and lastly the inclusion of a 65nm chipset. To quote:

But after reading the report a few days ago, I have more details to report on the new PlayStation 3, as I've obtained an un-edited copy of the initial FCC (Federal Communication Commission) report (below with the original 60GB version of the PS3). Here are the things to note that's not in the previous reports on this topic:

1.) The new PS3 model uses less power than the other models. This one uses 3A (Power Measurement), while the older version use 3.3A and 3.2A respectively.

2.) The new PS3 will include a brand-new controller, most likely the recently announced Dual-Shock 3 (this is proven in the document)

3.) The new PS3's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware has seen a significant upgrade, possibly allowing for longer distances and even faster connections.

4.) I've heard dripplings of a 65nm chipset coming soon. Could this model be the very first in the line of quieter, less-power consuming PS3 models?

I've attached all of the images that I have below. But let's get to the point... a 40GB PS3 for $399? Maybe. A new PS3 announced in the next two weeks? Count on it.

Rumor: New PS3 SKU details...

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