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August 20, 2009 // 2:12 pm - It appears a Sony employee spilled the beans earlier today in a thread (now removed) on the official European PlayStation board.

To quote Yaster: "And they were certainly showing some PS3 love - Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned was available to play in a special 18+ area, we didn't manage to get our hands on it due to the MASSIVE queue - but those inside looked pretty excited."

Since the initial leak and thread removal, a new thread has been started and rumor has it Yaster said he is working on getting the story back up.

Time will tell, however, if this is true then it appears Microsoft's exclusive 'paid' DLC won't be exclusive for much longer.

Rumor: Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and Damned Coming to PS3?!

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#4 - Drakhen - August 21, 2009 // 3:03 am
Drakhen's Avatar
As far as exclusive to the 360, from what I had read awhile back it was a exclusive download, meaning that it opens the doors to be pressed to a disk and sold that way instead of being a downloaded expansion, I could be wrong on that bit however only time will tell, the expansion was nothing all that great, I had finished that part on the 360, and for the stand alone expansion Preceptor is talking about is the 2nd expansion to grand theft called the ballad of gay tony which you do not have to own the original grand theft to play, which I am sure that one will eventually hit the ps3 as well probably 6 months away yet but either way the ps3 players still get to play it.

#3 - Preceptor - August 21, 2009 // 2:50 am
Preceptor's Avatar
I heard it's a standalone game based on the same universe as GTA IV. I could be wrong... The thing about gta IV is... Well... Choices... You are an thief, murderer and still rockstar expected you to make goodie-shoes choices like not killing your arch-enemy or whatever. I was a badass in the game and ended up having a crappy ending... How come?

Anyway, good news indeed for ps3 owners.

#2 - saioke - August 20, 2009 // 10:12 pm
saioke's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Preceptor View Post
Now those are some good news...
I hope this GTA is better than that crappy GTA IV (sorry GTA IV fans but I hated it...). Cheers

This isn't a new game, it's just a new expansion, a new story to go along with GTA IV. if you didn't like GTA IV, then chances are you won't like any of it's expansion packs either.

looks like microsoft couldn't keep the pack to themselves. maybe the recent PS3 slim announcement and price drop made rockstar realize it will do good on the PS3 platform.

The funny thing is, some people say microsoft paid rockstar to make all the expansions exclusive. if this is true, then so be it. i for one am happy for it coming, that is if it is coming.

#1 - Preceptor - August 20, 2009 // 10:08 pm
Preceptor's Avatar
Now those are some good news...
I hope this GTA is better than that crappy GTA IV (sorry GTA IV fans but I hated it...). Cheers