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September 1, 2009 // 10:29 pm - Well, it's less than a day after Sony's PS3 Firmware 3.0 update has been released and already there appears to be numerous reports of some PS3 games freezing post-update.

According to (linked above), at least three PS3 titles thus far seem to be adversely affected.

To quote: "One of the biggest games being inflicted by this freezing bug is Uncharted. Numerous forum goers on GameFaqs are complaining about the freezing issue. There have also been a few reports of the UFC and Bioshock getting similar symptoms.

Whether this is just limited to Uncharted isn't known, but it could very well cause some minor problems to other titles, too. Let's hope Sony finds a cure for this minor inconvenience soon."

A few others are reporting that NFS: Undercover now freezes when playing online and COD4 froze when in a lobby.

That being said, if anyone here has experienced any PS3 game freezing issues since updating to PS3 Firmware 3.0 feel free to reply in the comments below!

Reports of PS3 Firmware Update 3.0 Freezing Games Surface

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#12 - FrozenFear - September 2, 2009 // 4:11 pm
FrozenFear's Avatar
Well, Mine is working 101% until now

#11 - JeffJ - September 2, 2009 // 3:55 pm
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Dreamcatcher View Post
Reasons like this is why I am not fond of constant updates on a console! if it ain't broke , dont fix it s0ny!!!!

but it is broke, so what now? lol

#10 - Dreamcatcher - September 2, 2009 // 3:41 pm
Dreamcatcher's Avatar
Reasons like this is why I am not fond of constant updates on a console! if it ain't broke , dont fix it s0ny!!!!

#9 - idone - September 2, 2009 // 3:39 pm
idone's Avatar
^^ i would go to recovery menu and try to reinstall the fw once and see it that gets it sync'n again.

#8 - JeffJ - September 2, 2009 // 2:06 pm
JeffJ's Avatar
my BlueRay remote no longer syncs :S i used it to do the update and then its dead as a door nail now, new batteries, tried re syncing the ps3 dont see it. i hope it didn't just die.

#7 - Neikos - September 2, 2009 // 12:55 pm
Neikos's Avatar
so wierd those things i will check with uncharted.... i was playing kz2 gta4, fifa 09 and i found them to run smoother than before.

#6 - med1one - September 2, 2009 // 11:36 am
med1one's Avatar
i didnt have much time to spend on other things and games on my console yesterday but i definetly can say that on my 60gig ps3 (that old one with 4 usb and the other things...) HOME crashed a few times (especialy on loading new rooms) and i had to hard reset console. Also i can confirm that it hangs on loading multiplayer mode in Marvel vs Capcom 2 (and sometimes navigation in menu is a bit laggy - wierd).

Funny thing with that Wipeout - must check it out when i came back from work ...

Now we have to wait for official respone from Sony. Maybe it will be a quick patch or update so we can enjoy our system with no more problems.

Cheers everybody...

#5 - IHM - September 2, 2009 // 8:19 am
IHM's Avatar
My Wipout HD went back to trialmode after the update?

Had to re-unlock.

#4 - D3M0N2009 - September 2, 2009 // 7:59 am
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by biglouie47 View Post
i'm thinking not only games but ps3 accessories as well, my Dualshock3 froze on me after the 3.0 firmeware was installed, it will not work at all and ive tryed just about everything all thats left is to give up.

I think your Dual shock 3 problem is a hardware problem, I have 2 PS3's with total of 4 Dual shock 3 controllers both are at 3.00, and they all connect with out an issue.

#3 - victorinox - September 2, 2009 // 7:21 am
victorinox's Avatar
Battlefield 1943 froze a few times on 3.0 =\

hopefully, 3.05 or whatever will fix that, and edit the friends list so those I HATE 3.0 idiots will STFU.