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353w ago - The latest edition of PSW was supposed to feature something big regarding God of War III, while gamers will be disappointed with just screens of the trailer, they did confirm that they have been told that the respective title is due to launch in December 2009.

To quote: "took this photo myself with my cam, enjoy"

Screens below, courtesy of TomEmo12 of GameTrailers (linked above).


PSW: God of War III for PS3 to launch in December 2009

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#5 - Keith52888 - 352w ago
Keith52888's Avatar
There is no gift as great as a new God Of War. After playing years of the same hack-n-slash game with different characters I found God Of War. Unlike those other games this one, well, didn't suck. It has a freakin EPIC story line and the funnest gameplay I've ever had. I have very high hopes for GOW 3. Only a few more months...

#4 - AhmadkaX2 - 353w ago
AhmadkaX2's Avatar
Well look at it this way ... God of War 3, and hopefully Final Fantasy XIII in the same season, hopefully among other great titles too ... X-Mas 2009 is gonna kick ass !!

#3 - SkyScraper94 - 353w ago
SkyScraper94's Avatar
December 2009 O_O Too late... this is my chirstmas present at 100%

#2 - wiseman - 353w ago
wiseman's Avatar
It's not Dec 2008, it's kinda make me disappointed. PS3 is lacking of good games like this. I hope that 2009 will have a lot of great exclusive games on PS3.

#1 - hunter316 - 353w ago
hunter316's Avatar
damn, that's a little over a year away! can't wait. a perfect xmas present!