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July 16, 2011 // 8:52 pm - With rumors that Sony could start PS4 production at the end of 2011, Joseph Dumary has shared some interesting PlayStation 4 concept renders complete with futuristic technology included.

Below is a summary of potential PlayStation 4 features and specs based on the PS4 concept renders from Joseph Dumary, as follows:

PS4 Concept Render Features:

  • PS4 will be part of the PlayEco line which uses 0 watts in standby.
  • ECO Restart function allows the player to save their game and turn off the console, turn it on and resume the game without loading where they left off.
  • PS4 will automatically shut off primary power after each 30 minute period of playtime and draw energy from a rechargeable battery for 5 minutes.
  • Playr (PlayReserve) rechargeable battery also assists in preventing data loss during a power outage.
  • PS4 offers retro appeal - looks like a mix between a PlayStation 2 Slim and a Memory Card.
  • PlayStation 4 will be made of 60% recycled material, a magnesium alloy and carbon (25%).
  • PS4 is light and efficient, weighs only 2.1 KG, and consumes only 90 watts.
  • PS4 will be compatible with PS Vita, allowing players to use it as a remote control for browsing the Internet or play some games using the touch capabilities.
  • PlayStation 4 will also be compatible with Sony tabs and all Sony devices with multitasking capability allowing users to pause a game, go to PlayStation Community Gaming, watch videos on the YouTube application and resume the game.
  • PlayStation Community Gaming will be a portal dedicated to gamers, where you can chat (text or video) with other players, share your games, walkthroughs, or connect with players having the same game with the search function.

PS4 Concept Render Hardware and Software Specs:

  • PS4 will include a 1.5TB HDD
  • Full 3D 4K2K compatible, DLNA, DPhdmi (HDMI Connect)
  • 3D Blu-ray (Blu Ray DEUCE Compatible: 3 times more data than the classic Blu ray disc)
  • USB 3.0
  • DPConnect Bravia Sync
  • Qriocity
  • Sony Ericsson Sync
  • Cloud Saving
  • Live TV and applications
  • DPHDMI (or HDMI Connect) - If users do not have a compatible DPConnect TV's, the DPHDMI allows to connect the console to your TV wirelessly.
  • All audio systems are detected automatically.
  • Open Reality support on some games, meaning they will reproduce the weather and time in real time.
  • DPConnect Advanced allows PS4 to connect wirelessly to compatible DPConnect TVs - no HDMI or other A/V cables required.
  • TVs will be automatically detected and selected according to the resolution of the screen by default - all in less than 4ms.
  • DPConnect Advanced allows for two (or six) players on two (or six) different TVs with the same console, so everyone can see his game without splitscreen. The distance between the console and the TV should be 7.5m maximum.
  • PS4 controller has a light sensor (for screen luminosity), an option screen to adjust settings such as the rigidity of the analog sticks (the stick will be difficult to maneuver in some parts of certain games for total immersion), and the battery level.
  • PS4 screen allows players to access options including battery management and some option adjustments of the PS4 console without pausing.
  • PS4 Controls charge via USB or inductive charging.
  • PS4 includes a one-touch power button, and all options appear.

Feel free to share your feedback on whether this PS4 concept design would float or sink, or if you have any other ideas for PlayStation 4 features!

PS4 Concept Renders: Complete with PlayStation 4 Technology

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#24 - croft72 - July 17, 2011 // 3:02 pm
croft72's Avatar
So far it appears to be a very interesting piece of hardware displayed. Even the controller (Which is only displayed on one pic & barely noticable due to the color scheme) looks interesting as well. Rather this is real or not, I suppose we'll have to wait and see what Sony officially announces for PS4 when the time comes.

#23 - Sostanco - July 17, 2011 // 1:51 pm
Sostanco's Avatar
well, nice design, but features are better! thx

#22 - TheShroomster - July 17, 2011 // 11:27 am
TheShroomster's Avatar
Just out of curiosity where did these photos originate??

Nevermind I found the original source linked in the first post...

#21 - openupyourmind - July 17, 2011 // 10:28 am
openupyourmind's Avatar
every 30 minutes it shuts off WTF! they can stick that option in their rear

#20 - elser1 - July 17, 2011 // 10:13 am
elser1's Avatar
i hope this is just a joke.. i wouldn't pay $2000 or whatever for this thing.. LOL

#19 - anon777 - July 17, 2011 // 10:03 am
anon777's Avatar
the specs sound good but hopefully theres a full backwards compatible one so i can play ps1, 2 and 3 games. the design is ugly.

i like one at design better and its futuristic as they call it.

#18 - tigereye - July 17, 2011 // 9:51 am
tigereye's Avatar
Dam this look egaly... I have much better designed see... future... non is good as far I can say many user who bought ps3 fat or slim are still use same old tv or the use pc moniter... now a days no one want to spend money just for to play... that is just my thought...

Sent from my HTC Legend using Tapatalk.

#17 - EiKii - July 17, 2011 // 9:38 am
EiKii's Avatar
ok well what would the resolution be with 6 pictures? 680x480? doubt that high, when the current barely handle split screen ? hehe spacy ^^ i actually like the design hehe, but iam not like others ^^

#16 - edmx0 - July 17, 2011 // 5:48 am
edmx0's Avatar
finally multitasking i hope we will be able to hear music while playing and i don't like the Design so muck its really Similar to the ps3 slim design. i hope they will change it a bit and i don't like so much the idea of eche 30 Minutes he will turn off his power adaptor and switch to batteries becuse it will cus lower performance.

all in all i can't wait till it will come out but i'm worried about my ps3 because i'll stop playing with it but i hope the ps4 will have compatibility 4 ps3 games.

#15 - iMarty - July 17, 2011 // 3:43 am
iMarty's Avatar

And that 'Freezing games' was actually a functionality he really needed! Multitasking?