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May 2, 2009 // 2:50 pm - Just over a month ago Ifcaro released PS3 USBLD Loader v0.3 RC1 & ModHook Versions, which attempted to increase PS2 game compatibility and added a language/driver file folder. For those unaware, PS3 USBLD Loader allows you to run PS2 image back-ups on a PS3 via USB.

This weekend he has made available both the PS3 USBLD Loader Source Code and a Patcher Utility, as follows:

Download: PS3 USBLD Loader Source Code (SVN Snapshot 26-04-09) / USBAdvn Patcher

To quote, roughly translated: The source code of the "Advance USB Loader for PS3" licensed GPLv2. The Web site of the project is: I hope that it involved more people and more can be improved.


To compile the USB Advance Loader you need to make some previous actions.

First you will need a copy of USB ADVANCE unpacked completely (3MB)

To "enable" loader's patches is necessary to edit the original USB ADVANCE's elf.

To do this, replace in the offset 0x000016e8: 8a6e 040c to a600 200c

Now USB Advance will give the step to Loader to add new features.

Finally copy the USB ADVANCE elf renamed to USBADVN_ok.ELF to the emb folder

NOTE: In the source code appears the name of some modules that I have extracted from the USB ADVANCE elf. These modules gave them the name that occurred to me at that time.

These modules are:

• PARCHE_EE: It is not a module but it is a piece of code for EE is loaded just before
to launch the game.
• MSD.IRX: (MASS-DRIVER) This is the module responsible for the manege USB disk filesystem.
• RAMDISK.IRX: Its a RAM DISK for IOP updating with USB ADVANCE modules.
•CDVDMAN.IRX: It is a replacement driver CDVDMAN to read from USB.

PS3 USBLD Loader Source Code and USBAdvn Patcher Released!

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#20 - sensismile - May 20, 2009 // 9:34 pm
sensismile's Avatar
yes I know the source of this util but I still hope to find a english translation and this is what I didnt found on their site ...


#19 - PS4 News - May 20, 2009 // 9:04 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I would check the Spanish site that is mentioned in the app linked above, specifically:

#18 - sensismile - May 20, 2009 // 8:16 am
sensismile's Avatar
so i have Translate a guide from Spanish until the the new english version is out.

anyone know where I can read the tutorial which is mentioned above ??


#17 - PS4 News - May 20, 2009 // 4:54 am
PS4 News's Avatar
This was sent via e-mail from facelift, if anyone wishes to experiment with it:
as you know usbutil 2.0 can patching / IOPRP and dnas
i feel this will help more games load for the ps2 usbloader on the ps3.
so i have Translate a guide from Spanish until the the new english version is out.

It's attached below for those interested.

#16 - PS4 News - May 6, 2009 // 4:50 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is (Snapshot 04-05-09) from the SVN... if anyone grabbed r2 or r3 while it was up compressed feel free to attach them here.

#15 - PS4 News - May 4, 2009 // 12:07 am
PS4 News's Avatar
The first post is copied from the Site News so that wouldn't be a good solution unfortunately... but those actually reading the thread should be able to find them with no effort if they can read.

The common sense rule on any Forum is to search before posting... a simple search would have showed these people the older threads so that I wouldn't have to spend my time re-linking them each time a new USBLD Loader thread hits our Site News.

Finally, this thread's title alone is "PS3 USBLD Loader Source Code and USBAdvn Patcher Released" which designates the topic of this thread as such. Their posts are not on the source code nor the patcher, so they are considered off-topic on that basis alone.

#14 - DarkArchon - May 3, 2009 // 11:52 pm
DarkArchon's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
No, read all the posts linked above before posting here. It's quite clear that Swap Magic is required to trigger the USBLD Loader. -Rep!

I know its ignorance, but perhaps attach all links on each forum topics first post to prevent people from replying on the first post "what about this... "

Thanks, DA.

#13 - PS4 News - May 3, 2009 // 8:43 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
No, read all the posts linked above before posting here. It's quite clear that Swap Magic is required to trigger the USBLD Loader. -Rep!

#12 - nelak - May 3, 2009 // 6:54 pm
nelak's Avatar
I've been reading that to run this you need swapmagic.
Is it possible to run this with usbextreme? Thanks

#11 - xandura - May 3, 2009 // 8:52 am
xandura's Avatar
great, thx for the quick reply!