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76w ago - Following up on their previous updates, today Sony has released PS3 System Software Update v4.53 with the details below, as follows:

Download: PS3 Firmware 4.53 Update (US) / PS3 Firmware 4.53 Update (EU) / PS3 Firmware 4.53 Update (JP)

PlayStation 3 System Software Version 4.53

PlayStation Network

  • Set the Group of Players Who Can See Your Trophies
  • You can now set the group of players who can see your trophies under PSN [PSN] > Account Management [Account Management] > Privacy Settings [Privacy Settings].
  • To change this setting, select [Show Trophies].
  • Anyone - Any player can see your trophies
  • Friends of Friends - Your Friends and their Friends can see your trophies.
  • Friends Only - Your Friends can see your trophies
  • No One - No one can see your trophies.
  • You can adjust for each game whether to show the trophies you earned. Go to PSN [PSN] > Trophy Collection [Trophy Collection] to select a game, press the button, and then select [Privacy Settings] from the options menu. To hide trophy information for a specific game, remove the checkmark from [Show Trophies for This Game] for that game.


  • Support for BD/DVD closed captions
  • You can now display closed captions when playing BDs and DVDs.

Displaying Closed Captions

1. Select [On] under (Settings) > (Video Settings) > [Closed Captions].

2. Press the button during content playback to display the control panel.

3. Select [Closed Captions] under (Subtitle Options).

This setting is active only with content supporting closed captions.

PS3 System Software Update v4.53 Arrives, Details Available

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#23 - topantita - 23w ago
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Quote Originally Posted by fearlsswp View Post
can anybody help with 4.60 cfw rogero?

what the problem, dude?

#22 - fearlsswp - 23w ago
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can anybody help with 4.60 cfw rogero?

#21 - supergamer1972 - 23w ago
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A PS3 update but seems to have some PS4 features added? interesting...

#20 - krat0s - 23w ago
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Thanks for the info mate.


#19 - rated01 - 23w ago
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thanks it works

#18 - akif68 - 24w ago
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#17 - santhot - 28w ago
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Will i be able to your playstation store after this?

#16 - Yoder - 28w ago
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#14 - mishanian - 69w ago
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