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August 9, 2011 // 5:57 pm - Today Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel has announced that PS3 System Software Update v3.70 is incoming with the new PlayStation 3 features including Auto Cloud Saves and Trophy Sync as detailed below!

To quote: As we are continuously working toward providing the best gaming and entertainment experience on PlayStation 3, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the following new features and changes coming with the next system software update (v.3.70).

To make things easier for PlayStation Plus subscribers, we've added the option to automate two existing features. The [Automatic Download] feature will now be called [Automatic Update] as a result of these new options.

  • A new auto upload function for online save data back-up will be added to make it easier to back-up your game save data. Under (Game), select the game for which you want to automatically upload saved data, and then press the Triangle button.
  • Also, Trophies will now sync automatically at the timing of Auto Download.

A new recommendation function will be added that enables you to share your recommendations for PlayStation Store items, such as games and videos, with PlayStation Network friends. You will be able to send messages with a store link from the product pages within the PlayStation Store.

Due to the increase in video applications being offered on PS3, we are adding a new category on the XMB called TV/Video Services. This category will include video applications such as Netflix, Hulu PLUS, and VUDU.

  • You'll be able to find and download all of the video applications available on PS3 directly from this new XMB category.
  • A folder labeled "My Channels" within this category will allow you to easily access your downloaded applications.
  • Any videos downloaded from the PlayStation store will continue to be placed in the existing Video category on the XMB

Two updates for all of you enjoying Blu-ray 3D movies on PS3:

  • 3D support will now be available when accessing Java-based special features on Blu-Ray
  • DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR decoding/bit stream output (or lossless audio) will be supported while playing Blu-ray 3D movies.
  • 3D digital photos in MPO format can now be viewed in 3D on the XMB and in the Photo Gallery app.

The 3.70 update will be available soon; additional details will be available after the firmware goes live here. Separately, there will also be a minor PSP system software update (v6.60) launching soon. reports that PS3 Firmware 3.70 also adds PSP Remaster Compatibility which arrives on August 25 with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

To quote: Once you've updated your firmware, you'll find new settings specific to PSP Remasters:

  • Screen Mode: Select from normal and full
  • 3D Output: Turn off or select between seven levels of 3D depth
  • Ad-Hoc Channel: Select automatic or channels 1, 6 or 11 for connecting to other systems
  • PSP Remaster Ad-Hoc Mode: Turning this on will let you use Ad-Hoc mode while using Ad-Hoc Party.

The update also makes it so that your PSP and PS3 can share PSP Remaster save data between the original PSP title and its PSP Remaster counterpart. You'll need to copy the save data to your PSP first.

According to PlayStation 3 Firmware update 3.70 also fixes the Friends List sorting stating the following:

"Now you have the option to sort your friends list in straight alphabetical order once again and though it may not be a big hidden feature, it is a feature some may take advantage of and will be glad to see return."

Sony PS3 hacker Glowball1 stated the following about the 3.7 update and made available a PS3 Firmware 3.70 dev_flash dump: Just checked out the dev_flash of firmware 3.70 there are some interesting files in there. One in particular is ps2netemu.self. The reason being that the ps1netemu.self is for PSN network PS1 content. So I can only assume that the ps2netemu.self is for PSN network PS2 content.

Another couple of interesting files are within the pspemu folder. One is a folder called menu and within this menu folder there is a 6.1mb file called menu_image.bin. The other interesting file in the pspemu folder is remater_op.bin which I think is for PSP Remaster. It is unknown to me what the PSP Remaster does but there are icons and other suggestive information in the RCO's.

I think very soon we will be able to play PS2 games on all PS3's with this kinda content. I also think the PSP Remaster either enables you to play more advanced PSP games or is some kind of security patch so NPDRM for this content is more secure.

I think that there are gonna be some big changes so that us that are on CFW will want to update for this type of content.

Sony PlayStation 3 hacker Mathieulh has also leaked the 3.6 X-Platform-Passphrase from the npsignin_pluginrco file in PS3 3.60 Firmware which would have worked with the 3.6 spoof to allow online play via PSN, however, it changed in 3.7 rendering it useless now.

To quote: "Since this is now obsolete I guess I can share it : X-Platform-Passphrase c4ce4023bd7e0345feeb0dca80caf487a03b4545a8230a5d41 fe9855 For 3.60"

Finally, DemonHades reports that PS3 Firmware 3.70 uses new keys (and BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_310R.pkg) and patches the holes used by the Cobra USB Team.

To quote, roughly translated: Good demons, as you all know this morning was 3.70 for the new PS3 firmware, I just wanted to tell you that the new firmware uses a new key to decrypt the files that comprise it (as for games that require 3.70 in the future).

Not only that, in this new firmware have put measures that would leave unused the method of load PS2 games using the Cobra (from DemonHades we, therefore, saying it is better to build on that in future versions 3.41 more restrictive).

1saludo, and published the keys of 36x... would not be worth 3.70 to decrypt them.

PS3 System Software Update v3.70 Incoming, Features Detailed

PS3 System Software Update v3.70 Incoming, Features Detailed

PS3 System Software Update v3.70 Incoming, Features Detailed

PS3 System Software Update v3.70 Incoming, Features Detailed

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#15 - GotNoUsername - August 11, 2011 // 10:57 am
GotNoUsername's Avatar
It seems the PS3 scene needs to make some progress now Sony is 2 Key generations a head of us ?!? How can it be that the new PSP FW only lastet a few hours and the PS3 FW seems undefeatable?

#14 - PS4 News - August 10, 2011 // 7:43 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now updated the first post with a few hidden features 3.70 brings, along with news of the new 3.7 keys and the Cobra USB holes being patched from DemonHades.

#13 - DemonoidMaster - August 10, 2011 // 6:09 pm
DemonoidMaster's Avatar
"Automatic Update: Starts the system automaticaly (Lolwut? meaning it's gonna start up your PS3 while your sleeping or gone working just to do this "Auto Update"? XD) and downloads game patches, uploads new saved data to online storage and syncs trophy info with the server."

My $ony butt-radar is goin crazy. Seems like sony is trying to get the CFW and MFW users who spoof them to use this feat so that they can find a way to fackup ur PS3 via auto update or w/e haha..

i say this new feat is a conspiracy, it's probly gonna brick a ton of PS3's

PS: also, idk why people would use a "Auto upload" feature for saving your gamesaves over online... seems like a waste of bandwidth.

#12 - abzii - August 10, 2011 // 1:49 pm
abzii's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TheShroomster View Post
By the time the PS4 comes out Sony will have the PS3 firmware up to at least revision 10 at this update rate.

true that!

its not like i wanna go online anyway i wanna try before i buy

#11 - TheShroomster - August 10, 2011 // 11:07 am
TheShroomster's Avatar
By the time the PS4 comes out Sony will have the PS3 firmware up to at least revision 10 at this update rate.

#10 - iloveyou - August 10, 2011 // 9:22 am
iloveyou's Avatar
Thats what i would love to see in DH custom JFW

• 3D support will now be available when accessing Java-based special features on Blu-Ray
• DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR decoding/bit stream output (or lossless audio) will be supported while playing Blu-ray 3D movies.

Possible ? I think no

#9 - PS4 News - August 10, 2011 // 4:28 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now added the PS3 3.70 OFW download links to the first post for those seeking them.

#8 - leukotic - August 10, 2011 // 4:01 am
leukotic's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post

Has the PS3 not been able to bitstream while playing 3D movies? If so, what a shame!

From what I know the PS3 can only bitstream lossy audio and up to 2 channels of lossless, for 5.1 and up lossless it can only be sent out via PCM. So unless the new slims have fully featured HDMI 1.3/1.4 spec hardware to bitstream lossless audio, I don't understand how they can accomplish this with a FW update, as its a hardware limitation that has plagued PS3 owners from the beginning.

Maybe they figured out a way to patch a workaround to the lossless bitstream limitation?

#7 - PS4 News - August 10, 2011 // 2:37 am
PS4 News's Avatar
While it may contain new PS3 keys like previous updates, as far as I'm aware only the public keys can be obtained and used for decrypting and verifying signatures while the private keys that allow signing will likely remain private.

#6 - Neo Cyrus - August 10, 2011 // 2:27 am
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
I haven't been keeping up with any technical details. Will this 3.7 update have new encryption keys which will have to be discovered?