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PS3 'Premium Avatar' Friends List Concept Pictures Available

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285w ago - Since PS3 Firmware 3.0 many have voiced their dislike on the gray bars around the Friends List redesign.

Last week we saw some videos on Sony PS3 XMB Ideas, and today some 'Premium Avatar' Friends List concept pictures surfaced from Andrewskates on the official PlayStation Boards.

To quote: "Here are some rough concepts I made up, with the direction I think Sony [is] going to take with the unpopular gray friend cards, integrating them as 'Premium Avatars'.

I figured it would seem a bit of a rip off to just pay for new small pictures, thus I think that they will incorporate the entire card instead of just a small picture.

This would be a great way to market upcoming games and further integrate the IP's into the user base.

I left in the current gray boring design in as a direct comparison. Bear in mind these were just made for fun."

PS3 'Premium Avatar' Friends List Concept Pictures Available

PS3 'Premium Avatar' Friends List Concept Pictures Available

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#8 - tigeripper - 285w ago
tigeripper's Avatar
If these ever materialize I think they should be free..

#7 - semitope - 285w ago
semitope's Avatar
It would be good if they made those themes available for download if a game is in your collection. Like they would auto download one for burnout if you have ever played the gae. I dont like the idea of the charging at all.

If you look around you will see that its just a disease running around rampant in this gen. Everyone who makes a game (almost) is trying to get people to pay for some extra thing. Why on earth do you need to charge people 2$ for extra characters? Did you run out of space on the disc or something?

Then you hear people say "premium theme" for free? a premium theme is an idea conjured up by the platform holders to make you think it is worth paying for. There is nothing little ol me can do, I just wish ppl would hold on to their money a bit more instead of buying endless guitar hero songs or LBP customes. Send the developers a message to stop the BS and provide full games and dlc as a benefit of buying the full game.

If sony charges for this I wont even try it, but ppl would likely do so. I can imagine sony expects a huge uptake.

#6 - hellospaceboy - 285w ago
hellospaceboy's Avatar
Sony should offer a free premium avatar to cover the grey box if this turns out to be what they are doing. Its a great marketing technique "if you dont like the grey boxes get out your credit card and pay for a sleek design".

If they integrated top game packs - where you got a dynamic theme and premium avatars (more than 1 otherwise it would be a rip off) for a set price, then I'm game.

Anyone imagine snake around their XMB profile (with possible trophy stats) - it would look great!

Still its speculation and they might just give us more coloured poo to replace the grey boxes

#5 - D3M0N2009 - 285w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
Still a ripoff. But i guess its a choice to pay for it..

We'll you have a choice between a sleek looking Friends list or something that seems to have been put together at the last minute by a bunch of idiots.

#4 - sandwichbars - 285w ago
sandwichbars's Avatar
it looks cool but if sony decides to do that they better make animated ones.

if not, there will be one less person in the world using those.

#3 - Meginus - 285w ago
Meginus's Avatar
or whatever game a friend is playing it will just show art for the game around their name... that would be cool too!

#2 - piggybank67 - 285w ago
piggybank67's Avatar
I think that custom avatars should be somehow combined with the theme and what game you have in. So like if you have cod4 in all ur cod 4 friends appear and the bars are the cod4 type. Along with your theme.

#1 - semitope - 285w ago
semitope's Avatar
I figured it would seem a bit of a rip off to just pay for new small pictures, thus I think that they will incorporate the entire card instead of just a small picture.

Still a ripoff. But i guess its a choice to pay for it..


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