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June 3, 2013 // 4:37 am - Following up on their previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer chocolateboy has announced that PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 is officially released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!

Download: PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 (Linux) / PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 (Mac) / Other PS3 Media Server Builds / SVN

PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 Changelog:


  • dcraw Thumbnailer: Fix image transcoding, Add support for more extensions
  • FFmpeg: Fix bug that disabled FFmpeg for compatible files, Fix audio channel selection (thanks, valib)
  • MEncoder Video:Fixed bug that caused embedded subtitles to be displayed instead of external (thanks, SubJunk), Fixed handling of per-renderer aspect-ratio settings (thanks, ExSport)
  • tsMuxeR: Fixed 24-bit FLAC support with tsMuxeR (thanks, SubJunk), Fix bug that disabled tsMuxeR for compatible files
  • VLC: Fix looping playback, Add multi-threading support (GC1234: thanks, ccampora)
  • Misc: New engine: VLCWebVideo ("vlcwebvideo"), Clean up engine names


  • PS3: TV series with sound problems after "previously on" block should now play normally with the "Keep AC-3 track" option enabled (thanks, SubJunk)

Language updates:

  • Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy)


  • Fix issue with VirtualBox and PMS launchers (thanks, thepadawan42)
  • Added support for M4A files encoded with Fraunhofer AAC
  • Upgrade Thumbnailator to 0.4.4 to fix out-of-memory errors (thanks, coobird)

PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is Out

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#3 - Bishoff - October 6, 2010 // 11:15 pm
Bishoff's Avatar
Nice... one of the best apps to have for PS3 owners.

#2 - PS4 News - October 6, 2010 // 10:50 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for submitting the news PSPSwampy and +Rep.

#1 - PSPSwampy - October 6, 2010 // 10:48 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
After quite awhile of being away, it looks like shagrath and the community have updated PS3 Media Server to Beta Update v1.20 Build 412.

Download: PS3 Media Server Beta Update v1.20 Build 412 (Windows) / PS3 Media Server Beta Update v1.20 Build 412 (Linux)

Note: As this is a PC side application, you do not need a JailBroken PS3 to use it with your PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

Recent build changes include the following:

- Double check for Mplayer existence and font generation (useful for latest Sherpya's revisions)
- Ability to shutdown DLNAorgPN automatic support for a given renderer (see DLNAOrgPN attribute in the renderer conf file)
- Some hack stuff for mpeg2 remux on Bravia TVs
- RAW generation fixed
- Custom mencoder quality settings for a given renderer

Not sure what changed in 412 specifically though, all I can find is "small change" (suspect a bug fix).

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